Looking back- 38 weeks to 41 weeks with Baby Spiers #4!!

Here are some Facebook posts documenting my journey that I made during my last few weeks before we had Baby Spiers #4.

April 4th:
Today's freezer meal adventures included wild rice and chicken soup and mini chocolate chip banana bread muffins. Stocking up and getting ready for baby Spiers #4 (38 weeks tomorrow)!!

April 5th:
I'm currently waiting at the hospital for a version this morning. I went to bed nervous for the procedure, the outcome, and waking up so early but woke up with a feeling of peace that only God can provide. Thankful for a praying husband and his support along with the prayers of others. I'm excited to meet this baby regardless of delivery route. 38 weeks today! (I'll provide an update when emotionally ready.)

April 5th:
Update: version was successful and my sweet baby is head down. Thanking God for his peace and this "turn" of events so we can go forward with our birth wishes. The procedure took about 20-30 seconds total and was pretty amazing!! It was uncomfortable but not painful. The 1st thing I noticed was that I could breath better almost immediately. I was extremely impressed with the doctor who did the version because she told me and my mom that she doesn't like c-sections and learned how to do versions to help prevent mamas from having c-sections. She also said a lot of doctors automatically turn to c-sections for breech babies because it's considered "easier" and "faster" for them, but she is a mama too and didn't want a c-section so she wants to prevent it as much as possible. Thankful for this extremely sweet and experienced doctor placed in my path. Thankful for your prayers!

April 19th:
I'm 40 weeks today {FULL term} and I feel pretty great. I'm excited to meet this little one within the next 2 weeks but don't feel the slightest bit discouraged because I know this baby will come when he or she is ready {or through induction at/after 42 weeks}. We are ready whenever this baby wants to make his/her grand appearance. This baby is already so loved and we can't wait to experience life as a family of 6. Preparing for lots of snuggles, little sleep, and an unknown transition for mr. Graysen but couldn't be happier God gave us another blessing to raise and love on. Spiers baby #4, we are joyfully and mostly patiently waiting for you!!!

April 23rd:
We have NO names picked out for this baby, not even maybe names. Names just keep proving to get harder and harder to pick. Both boys were nameless... Nolan for a few hours and Graysen for most of the hospital stay. I can't wait to see this baby because apparently we do our best work in picking out a name we love under pressure. Lol!!!!

April 26th:
Baby bump • 41 weeks tomorrow! Physically super tired, emotionally still doing pretty well, mostly excited that I can confidently say that I get to meet this sweet baby by next week or before. 😀