Graysen Pictures!

My "baby" is turning 2 tomorrow so here are some pictures from over the last month or so. He is getting so big and starting to talk a ton. He is totally into the toddler stage (which is adorable and hard) and not so much my baby anymore. He is going to look like such a big kid when baby #4 joins our family. :)

Being my patient boy eating his snack at my 36 & 5 day appointment.

Playing with an I-Phone case acting like it's his phone.

Alivia and Graysen posing so sweetly for me!

Alivia asked Graysen for a hug and I was able to capture this sweet, sweet moment!

After eating lunch and before nap time smiles.

Pretending to drink his "tea"!

Smoothie smile...

Playing with the laundry basket during his first movie night with the big kids.

Loving the snow!

Bath time and a mischievous look after I told him not to drink the bath water and he did it anyway!

After bath selfie.

Hanging out with big brother Nolan.

Reading with daddy before bedtime.

Being a silly kiddo playing with big brother and sister.

Washing daddy's car on a nice winter day.

Swinging with Alivia at this cool park that we love.

He loves being outside and loves swinging at the park.

This kid LOVES his grammy (He is wearing a play nurse scrub that was my brothers)!

Cheesing it up with big brother and sister!

Playing with Alivia.

Snack time in a weird spot. :)

Squishy dough play.

More hugs for alivia!

Another cute selfie!

Just being silly.

Couch snuggles with siblings.

One of his favorite spots: eating food.

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