Looking Back & Catching Up: Graysen 7-9 months!!

Grasysen is a charmer! I don't know how and I don't know why but during our Florida trip, Graysen's hair became curly from the humidity. We were sure that it would go back to being straight with a little wave when we returned to Colorado, but his curl stayed and we LOVE it. It's not because of the comments (I would be lying if I didn't enjoy them though) but because he is just so cute with his big eyes and head full of curls. Graysen was full on crawling by 9 months (sometimes still an army crawl, but getting by quickly). He had his first Christmas away from home in Florida visiting my dad, brother + girlfriend, and mom's family. He didn't have any thoughts about Christmas except that he loved the bag of balls my dad got for him and he looked super cute in the hip clothes from my brother and dad. Graysen continued to charm us with his sweet smile, awesome sleeping habits, and his love for cuddling (especially before nap(s) or bedtime). He actually started to hum back to us when we would sing to him before he dozed off to sleep. It's seriously one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. Have you heard an infant hum??! :) He loved to be carried in the carrier as seen below, loved walks and outside time. Seriously, if he was in a crabby mood, I would pull out the carrier and we would go for a walk and a smile would return on his face or he would fall asleep for a quick nap! He ate about everything in front of his face. If outside time didn't work or it wasn't nap time, I knew food would cure the grumpies. So in a nutshell: he ate a lot, loved being outside, love cuddling, enjoyed sleeping and keeping up with his schedule, and was an overall happy little guy!

Graysen's first visit to the beach around age 9 months on our Florida Trip. He wasn't so sure about it at first but then came to love it. He was so cute in his little swimsuit playing in the sand. Graysen loves water but the waves of the ocean scared him so he didn't get any water play in during this trip.