Looking Back & Catching Up: Graysen at 6(ish) Months!!

OH my, OH my what a little our cutie Graysen boy is!!

Fun at 6(ish) months:
- Started sitting up for a few minutes at a time for the 1st time. It took a few weeks to really get and sit for longer periods of time but he was a pro once he had those few weeks of practice.
- Started eating a few solid foods. The foods we tried at 5 months quickly became his favorite. Avocado, sweet potato, and banana were a success between 6-7 months.
- Still sleeping through the night and taking 2 naps a day.
- Started following Nolan and Alivia around and really wanted to be involved with him.
- He seriously put everything in his mouth!! We had to watch him like a hawk. Alivia and Nolan did not do that, so this was new to us.
- Loved being held in the carrier and taking walks.
- Loved to nurse and was a big time eater!

Looking Back & Catching Up: Graysen at 3-5 months!

OK shut the front door, Graysen started sleeping through the night at 3 months. CONSISTENTLY! This was pretty amazing because both Alivia and Nolan didn't sleep through the night til way after year 1 and especially since Nolan still doesn't sleep consistently through the night. I know God gave us this gift of sleep because he knew it would be crazy hard to have 2 kids waking up throughout the night. Thanks be to God! He also napped at the typical nap times that you hear 3 months napping at; 9a.m. and 1p.m. Again, this was pretty amazing because neither Alivia nor Nolan were great nappers. And, I don't place my kids on a schedule! This was all Graysen's schedule! I can't believe how laid back he has been as an infant.

More awesomeness from 3-5 months:
- Rolled over from back to stomach at 3 months
- Rolled over from stomach to back at 4 months
- Began a pretty cool army crawl at 5 months
- Tried some new foods at 4 months, but didn't care for them much (banana, sweet potato and avocado); he just wasn't ready
- Began to "play" with toys by holding them at 3 months
- Took his 1st airplane trip at 3 months
- Said "Dada" as his 1st word, quickly followed by "Mama"
- Began to smile a lot; happy baby!

Looking Back & Catching Up: Graysen at 1-2 months!!

He was {and is} so snuggly and sweet! He LOVED to be cuddled and held! He nursed for eating purposes mainly, and rarely nursed for comfort or used me as "pacifier". In fact, he was my only baby who took a pacifier for the first 2 months of his life. He sucked on his hands more actually then used a pacifier but he would take a pacifier. It was helpful when I couldn't tend to him right away- being the 3rd kiddo. He loved being held in the carrier and sleeping in his little rocker/sleeper. Nolan or Alivia loved to help and would rock him (sometimes wayyyy too hard) when he was a bit fussy. Graysen continued to prove to us how laid back he is as 3rd kiddo and his sleeping habits were {and still are} amazing!

Pictures around 1-2 months!

Looking Back & Catching Up: Graysen at 2 weeks old!!

Graysen at 2 weeks old:
- He was eating like a champ
- Sleeping like a pro (waking up 1 to 2 times a night)
- Preferred to sleep in his co-sleeper then in our bed
- Slept a lot during the day, but it didn't bother his night time sleeping (although I was worried it would)
- Had a flexible sleeping pattern based our day
- Didn't cry a lot :)

Pictures taken by me at around 2 weeks! I love the foot and hand close ups and that cute, little squishy face!