And He Said (Regular Nose)!!

Nolan has a stuffy nose currently and here are a few things he has said to me.

"I want a regular nose"
"My nose has germs"
"I want my nose to turn into a regular nose"

He is not a happy camper but these comments were so cute, I couldn't help to laugh a bit when he was telling me all about it.

And He Said!!

Recent sayings: 
"My breath is out" = I'm out of breath 

"I want the roll-y thing for Christmas!"=  roll-y thing is a marble run

"Graysen is so cute", "Graysen needs a toy", "Graysen will get that and it's too small", "I want to hold Graysen" = helpful, loving (most of the time) brother 

"Hiiiiii" = he screams hi to everyone and is excited to get a hi back 

"Watch something" = a question asked daily 

And she said!!

Recent sayings:
A- Mom, why do you ask so many questions when you pick me up from school?
Me- Because I missed you and I want to know how your day went. 
A- You're just curious like George (Curious George) 

A- There are these two boys in my school that I like
Me- Oh yeah, why do you like them?
A- They are nice and hilarious, and the one with blond hair is handsome
Me (thinking)- Oh boy!!

A- I like the mall! They have fun stores to shop at!
Me (thinking)- Oh boy!!

Me- Want to watch a movie, just not a cartoon one?
A- Ohhhh, a real one? (meaning non animated)