Ballerina Alivia!

She did such a lovely job!!

Alivia's 1st Ballet Pictures!!

Alivia's 1st Ballet performance was a huge success! she was pretty nervous about going up on stage and being in front of a large crowd. She was so focused on doing a good job and not messing up that she didn't really smile during the performance- shows her determination! She did smile from ear to ear though when it was over and really loved getting flowers from her daddy. She wants to join the next ballet session too and is now excited (not nervous) for the Christmas show that they will put on! I absolutely love that we found this ballet class. It's wonderful because it not only focuses on ballet fundamentals, but more importantly has a Christian foundation  :)  The ballet girls learned a lovey little ballet performance and learned about compassion by discussing and praying for orphans in other countries. Yep, we found a great extracurricular activity for Alivia!! 

ummmm, just beautiful! 


Excited about her ballet dress, hair, and make-up!

On Stage

Flowers from daddy!

Her dance instructor!

House Pictures #3!!

The rooms! :) We have a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. Ben was reluctant about the 1 bathroom and 5 people but so far it's been totally ok! We have only had a few times where 2 people had to go to the bathroom at once and that's usually a kid with a small bladder, so we have a kid (small) toilet in case of emergency that has proven helpful in those situations!

Looking from our kitchen area into the hallway that leads to all the rooms and bathroom. Little Graysen hanging out while Alivia and Nolan take a bath. :)

Alivia & Nolan's room is almost complete. We have this mostly how we want it but just need to put up some more decorations to tie the gender boy/girl aspect together. The kids go the Frozen decals for Alivia's birthday and they decorated themselves and thought it was the best thing ever!

Looking in from the hallway.

 Kids Closet (We just got a new toy organizer so it looks a bit different now but it still holds almost all their toys and clothes).

 My lovely DIY painted yellow scrapbook cabinet turned baby items holder! 

How we store my cloth diapers for Graysen and other cloth related items- along with a few disposables for night time diapering.

Our 3rd bedroom is nothing to really photograph, yet... This is going to be the office/Graysen's bedroom (once he leaves his co-sleeper). We decided to get rid of the rocker to give us more room since this room isn't big and will need to house all office related items, school things, craftty supplies and Graysen's bedding. Yes, we needed to make more room for all of that!

 Looking in from the hallway! 

 Computer desk and area. Nothing special. But, can't wait to show off our decorations once we decide what to do in this room. :) 

Our bedroom!

Looking in from the hallway! 

The bathroom! I love our bathroom and the neutral colors. The only thing it needs is more space saving type gadgets on the wall so we can free up some of the things on our sink.

And, there you have it. That concludes our home pictures until we have more decorations up. When will that be, you ask. SOON, i hope, SOON! :) I love to decorate so hopefully I will make time for it soon. 

Love My Family!!

These are some of my favorite people!!! My heart is full of such joy to be a wife and mama. <3

House Pictures #2!!

Closerts are super valuable in our home and really to our sanity!! We have pretty decent closet space and I'm able to fit what I need to fit in our closets and storage space above the laundry! 
Our linens closet is in our hallway next to the 3rd bedroom. It's home for, well linens, my baby wraps, extra bathroom items not needed everyday and surplus bathroom toiletries, and the kiddie toilet (which is beyond helpful when you only have 1 bathroom and it's in use but a 3 year old needs to go!). 

Side 1 of our ginormous coat closet holds all of our winter coats, the vacuum, vacuum extras, our safety lock box, and reusable grocery bags. Games are housed on the top shelf. I don't remember the last time we played a game. We need to get back into being gamers, like when we were dating/newly married.
Side 2 of our ginormous coat closet! Ben stores his nicer clothes in this closet because our closet space is limited. The red file cabinet was a freebie and I turned it into a shoe storage for the kids! It's perfect and a great way we were able to be frugal and creative. The iron and ironing board also find its place in this closet. It's a deep closet so we can store quite a lot of items. 

And there you have it, that's the scoop on our closet space. :)