Easter 2015!!

Here the kids are searching for Easter eggs at the church Easter Egg Hunt. They had a blast. Nolan ate a piece of candy with dairy in it (a tootsie roll)... Scary! But, to my surprise he didn't react and that was a fun Easter surprise! 

We also had a mini family Easter Egg Hunt and the kids enjoyed themselves. It was fun for them to have two in one day. We didn't come home with lots of candy either and that was great! 

The whole gang- LOVE having cousins close by! 

GG with A & G 

Jo and Graysen

G pretty much slept the almost entire time for his 1st Easter!

1st family of the 5 photos!! 

So wonderful to celebrate Jesus with our church family and family! What a fun-filled, busy day. 

House Pictures #1!!

Here are some pictures of our new place! There are no decorations up yet (I was hoping to get the decorations up before pictures, but we are coming up on 6 weeks here and I still have yet to get to putting them up.... You know with having a newborn around and all) but I wanted to get pictures up. Kitchen from our living room 

Right side of our kitchen. Just love all our space!!

Close up!

Pantry and our new fridge! The fridge that  came with the house broke a few weeks after move in. We hope to update the other appliances to match our fridge in a few years down the road. 

Our eat in dining room area in the kitchen. We love, love the bay window that outlooks the backyard. It's perfect! 

Our living room from the kitchen area! We bought new couches as a "new home to us" gift. :) And, look at that big window!

Curtains... It was so hard to find some that went with the new couches.

Our house from the front door looking out to the back yard. Lots of space! 

Laundry room! I am so thrilled to have a laundry room. We have never had one and love it and the extra storage :) 

Part of our backyard with the storage shed. Our backyard has been taken over by 2 kids that LOVE it! Toys explosion. :) they love the dirt. That is one advantage to having a dirt backyard. 

Bedrooms and bathroom pictures to come!
It's absolutely wonderful to have a house that we can call home and create wonderful memories in!