Our New Home!!!

More pictures to come as we set it up. We closed on Feb 27th but are having to deal with some unforeseen issues, one being getting new carpet in the rooms, so we haven't set up anything. We are living in quite the caos! But, we love, love the location, having our own home with a backyard and garage, and making this place our home. Can't wait to bring baby #3 home! 

Thankful Posts Days (Jan) 16-27!!

These are copied and pasted from Facebook! 

16: Giving thanks today for- 
1. Having the opportunity to hire a doula
2. Long chats with my sister-in-law while all the cousins play outside in the snow on a warm day
3. Hobby lobby trips

17: Today, I'm thankful for- 
1. Educational television shows for when a random morning sickness came on and I needed to lay down
2. Easy, heathy meals
3. Sleep... Praying tomorrow I feel better as Ben is leaving for a business trip for a week

18: Today, I am thankful for 
1. Ben arriving to Florida safely
2. A clean kitchen
3. A quiet and peaceful night

19: Giving thanks for-
1. Everyone sleeping in til 8:30, nice & random treat
2. Tea time with a friend Rachel
3. My mom who graciously offered
to watch the kids so I could have tea with a friend

20: I'm thankful for-
1. The opportunity to make a little extra cash today
2. Breakfast for dinner
3. FaceTime with Ben
4. Alivia talking with another 3 year old and saying, "you know what's really important, obeying and listening to God!" Kids are sweet!!

21: I am thankful for- 
1. Finding awesome clearance at king soopers including 3 things that were on my list.
2. Getting most of my to-do list complete early.
3. Facebook groups where I can find helpful information, bargain items, and free events for the kids.

22: Today, I'm giving thanks for-
1. Having a sleepover at my sister-in-laws house with the kiddos. Nice little mid break while ben's out of town.
2. Dinner with my mom.
3. Gluten-free Cheesecake craving fulfilled.

23: I am thankful for-
1. The library and story time
2. Books!
3. A fun, free event at the space center.

24: I'm giving thanks today for-
1. Ben returning home safely
2. Seeing our kids love on their dad
3. Deep, heart to heart talks with Ben

25: Giving thanks for-
1. Sleeping in
2. Birthday dinners with family
3. Encouragement from a friend

26: today, I'm giving thanks for-
1. The warm sunshine
2. A quick but thought-provoking chat with a good friend
3. A clean home and meeting with our lovely doula

27: giving thanks today for-
1. glorious sunshine and much needed vitamin d
2. being prepared for tomorrows early morning, making pancakes and eating them as a late night snack
3. finding a wonderful deal on a carseat/stroller combo
4. Running into Rosa at the park, love when that happens!

28-31: I'm thankful for finding a home to purchase, having a family to love and that loves me, and this precious baby growing in me. (I couldn't find my last 2 posts on Facebook and I didn't finish the last 2 days-soooo close to making the 31 days) :) 

This was a fun little experiment! I loved writing daily what I was thankful for (especially since it was not during the normal November timeframe when we are reminded to be thankful because of Thanksgiving). Great reminder to be thankful everyday for something! 

Baby update!!

Sooooo close! We are sitting at 38 weeks and I've been having contractions (not consistent but enought to make me excited)! Can't wait to meet this little one. :) we can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl! Im guessing girl and Ben is guessing boy. We're ready to find out who is right!