Thankful Posts Days 1-15!!

These are copied and pasted from the facebook group I am on! :)
January 1
1. I'm thankful my pregnancy is going smoothly and baby is looking healthy and strong.
2. I'm thankful that I got to celebrate my sweet, full of life daughter turning 5 yesterday.
3. I'm thankful for a ton of awesome family moments during the Christmas season.

January 2
1. Thankful for a wonderful visit with my dad who came for Christmas, A's birthday, and New Years celebrations.
2. Thankful for my sweet Nolan who is starting to tell the cutest little stories. He makes me laugh!
3. Thankful for my sister-in-law and family who are back in town after being away for 4 months.

January 3
I'm thankful for my husband:
1. Watching him being a wonderful father to our kids! Love his interaction with them.
2. Being a leader for our family and working hard so that I can stay home and fulfill my dream of being a stay at home wife & mom!
3. Knowing that my love language is quality time and making sure that he finds/makes time for us!

January 4
From yesterday, fell asleep early:
1. Naps
2. Yummy ice cream
3. Watching my kids play together

January 5
So thankful for 1. Dinner parties 2. $2 Kangaroo days 3. Listening to Alivia and Nolan sing to worship music, especially when they don't know the words and just make it up! Cute
January 6
Today I'm thankful for:
1. Finding out baby is head down!
2. Taco Tuesday
3. Chick-fil-a story time

January 7
Today, I'm thankful for,
1- when Ben has days off, Alivia asks every day if he has a day off.
2- listening to songs that are encouraging and make me think of God's great love.
3- staying in our nice and cozy warm home when it's cold outside.
4. Switching providers and feeling so much more comfortable about who will attend my birth.

January 8
1. Visiting a good friend and meeting her new sweet baby
2. Cuddle time with the kids
3. Catching up with an old friend who I haven't talked to in quite some time

January 9
Today, I'm thankful for cuddle time with the kids, walks outside searching for an imaginary moose, and relaxing nights with Ben!

January 10
Thankful for
1. Gift cards from Christmas that make living on a budget a bit easier this month.
2. Lovely Essential Oils.
3. Our Vitamix, makes hiding green vegetables in smoothies so easy. Haha

January 11
Giving thanks for
1. Snowy days (nights) where I am cozy inside
2. God's provision
January 12
Today, I'm thankful for-
1. Staying safe and almost anxiety-free driving to a dentist appointment across town and back home. That fog....
2. Free kangaroo coffee.
3. Nolan taking a much needed nap during our snow adventure and waking up a happy boy.

January 13
Giving thanks today for-
1. Watching the kids find delight in the snow. I don't like the snow and I don't like the cold but I do like pretty and it is sure pretty! And, watching the kids play in this pretty is even better. (I did throw a few snowballs at the kids) smile emoticon
2. Being still and giving thanks to God daily- especially more aware because of this group.
3. Staying home and getting a lot checked off the list- let the nesting begin.

January 14
Giving thanks today for-
1. My MOPS group
2. Feeling my baby move
3. Natural remedies that God created

January 15

Today, I'm thankful for-
1. A new waffle maker and blueberry waffles.
2. Alivia realizing and pointing out an obvious sin of mine today--> teachable, humbling moment where I was able to show remorse and ask for forgiveness. It's nice to have some accountability in my day to day life from a 5 year old. smile emoticon
3. An answer to a pray that has been on my heart for a while.

Winter Bird!!

Our new bird, Winter! The kids love having her around. The story of how we got her is quite funny. Ben's aunt Jo got her to keep Ben's grandma company during the day when she was at work, but Ben's grandma didn't like how noisy the bird was, especially when the television was on. Jo agreed to pass the bird on to Ben's mom, Billie, to please Ben's grandma. Billie had the bird for a couple of weeks when she was asked to house sit at Ben's sister' house. Rebecca's family has a cat, dog, hamster, chickens, and ducks, and Billie was worried about how the cat would react around the bird. Being cautious, she asked if we would bird sit for a week. As soon as we got the bird in the house, the kids were ecstatic! They love having a pet around. Alivia and Nolan didn't want to give her back, and Billie realized how much they liked her! She asked if we wanted to keep her and the kids were so excited that we said yes! Alivia is fabulous with the bird but can be very protective or selfish and wants the bird all to herself. And, Nolan is quite rough with Winter. They are working on sharing Winter and handling her appropriately and gently when she is out of the cage!! Winter is easy to take care of and getting used to the chaos in our house. We are thrilled we found a pet that we can keep that Nolan is not allergic too. And, Alivia is proud that she named Winter (from the beginning when she lived with Ben's aunt! Jo was asking for suggestions and Alivia shouted out the name Winter and everybody liked it.) 

A Thankful Journey!!

I was invited to be a part of a thankful journey on a Facebook group during the month of January and I decided to accept. I'll be posting on the group but I thought I would write them on the blog too, so I could look back and remember what I was thankful for in the early days of 2015!
Happy new year!!!

Our hope is not in the new year, but in the One who makes all things new.