And He Said (Name)!

A neighbor we just met asked Nolan what his name was and he said "name, name, Nolan" while pointing to himself and very clearly. So cute and starting to talk really well. He doesn't like us to call him anything but his name right now. If I say hi there cutie, he says with a very sad voice, "No, I Nolan" or sometimes "No, I Noly". :) Love him!

Purposeful Planning: Mid-Year Goals!!

I just got an email with the saying, "Happy half year" and it got me thinking what is it that I really want to work on during the remainder of this year. Here they are:

1. Create a creative and functional place that we can call our "learning area". Since we moved, I need to re-create this space.
2. Wake up before the kids... even if only 5 minutes before so I can have some time to mentally "wake up" before the kids. :)
3. Know my plans and get ready for the next day the night before especially if we have an early morning, but be flexible if something comes up.
4. Prepare breakfast and lunch. We have become pretty good and planning dinners but it would be wonderful if we can add breakfast and lunch into that mix.

I'm really great about setting goals and making plans, and I'm horrible about following through. Even though I do have more, these are the goals I really want to work on in the upcoming months.