Oops, I Forgot to Write About Alivia's 4th Birthday...!

Here are the details of her Princess Party in pictures! She had a lovely time. Enjoy.

Decorations: including vegan, gluten free cupcakes and sugar cookies. My favorite was the lace crowns. We still have 1 for pretend play.

The Party Girls: They had so much fun playing princess games, eating food, and opening presents. Alivia was so worn out she fell asleep on the couch after the party in her princess gear.
Happy Birthday song:
We love our little princess dearly!

And He Said (Snakes in Water)!!

The other day Nolan woke up at like 3:00a.m. in the morning and wanted water. He was adamant about having his cup, but being that it was 3:00a.m. and I had my cup on my bedside table, I gave him that water or at least tried. he cried and cried and threw a fit. It was quite loud in our very quiet dark room. I finally gave in and grabbed his cup from his room, next time I'll make him get it!! After he drank his water, I asked him why he didn't want to drink water from my cup and he said very seriously, "because there are snakes in your water." I guess I can't argue with that! :)