And He Said!!

Nolan's chatting it up these days. Here are some of his favorites:
- me show (he wants to show us something) 
- E, up until a few weeks ago, turned Evie    (Livie) 
- me sad, happy, scared (Showing his emotions)
- napki (napkin) and he wipes his mouth after almost every bite
- boo boo, ouch (when he gets hurt) 
- Monkey George (Curious George)
- foooood (food, especially in the morning when first waking up)
-  chacky (Chocolate) 

He repeats almost everything we ask him to say. I just love him!! 

And She Said (Zoo Day)!

We were at the zoo and I let Alivia eat some of her favorite treat- yogurt covered raisins (very rare treat) and when she was done she threw her hands up in the air and said, "I need to go wash my hands to protect Nolan." Cute beyond words. I love how caring she is and how much she loves him.