Advent: Day 21!

Advent Activity #21: We went to a party for Kia, one of Alivia's best friends/neighbor. She had a blast at chuck-e-cheese. 

Advent: Day 20!

Advent Activity #20: We visited with the some of the Morales crew. It was so good to see one of my best buds, Veronique, and catch up. The kids did great and didn't fuss about just hanging out and talking. :) loved these pictures! 

P.S. Chris came in on the 19th so we didn't do much of anything special but prepare for our guests. :) 

Advent: Day 18!

Advent Activity #18: Alivia and Nolan had their first visit to see Santa. They enjoyed it! I actually thought Nolan would be scared of Santa, but he was not. We went to bass pro shops, which is a really neat outdoorsy type of store that had a Christmas set up for the kids. It was super cute. Nolan was insistent on wearing his Thomas the train, choo-choo pajama set, and although I wanted him to wear his Christmas outfit, I gave in and let him where his choo-choos. :) 

Advent: Day 17!

Advent Activity #17: We played with our toys from our secret Santa! We participated in a secret Santa event and it was really fun. The kiddos got some cute items and in return we passed on a gift to another family close by. :) 

Advent: Day 16!

Advent Activity #16: We made the cutest ribbon trees and by we, I totally mean me! :) I initially included the kids but this activity was too old for them. So my friend Dee and I made these adorable little Christmas ornaments while the kids played! 

Advent: Day 15!

Advent Activity #15: Park play-date with our neighbors Kia and Dee! Love random December park dates. (Notice the word random. Yes, I did exchange activities this day and throughout the advent season based on being flexible with nice weather, family visiting, etc!)

Advent: Day 14!

Advent Activity #14: We went Chritmas light looking and Starbucks drinking! :) We went to a church Christmas light show and the kids loved, loved it! Nolan was a bit overwhelmed by all the lights at first but when it the drive was all over he said to us, "More"! Good thing Jo bought us a hay ride too. We bundled up with blankets and enjoyed it again for a 2nd time around. We went with Grandma Billie, Aunt Jo, and GG.