And He Said (Toasty Warm)!!

Nolan woke up super early a few days ago and I wasn't ready to wake up just yet but knew I needed to soon! I asked him if he wanted to grab a few books and go in the bathroom and read while I took a shower. I said, "let's go get toasty warm in the bathroom" and he said "silly mom, toast is in the kitchen!!" and giggled his little head off. I kept saying "toasty warm" to hear his sweet little giggle!

And They Said (Baby Talk)!!

The kiddos have been talking about baby non-stop lately. Here are some of my favorites. 
- if I'm holding any baby, "that your baby"
- "mama, go to the store and get a baby"
- "tickle the baby" as he tickles my stomach 

- "how can people who are not married have a baby?" 
My answer was that some people choose not to be married before they have a baby. She thought that once you get married you just have a baby. Haha
- "I want to kiss the baby!" 
- Alivia came downstairs after being put  to bed and was almost in tears and said, "I'm so sad I can't come up with a baby name". She is so sweet!! 
- she asks almost every day how many months until the baby comes! 

2014-2015 1st day of Preschool!

We started preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day this year. Here are some pictures of my cuties. We are looking forward to a fun year, and we have had a great start with our 1st week and half. :) 

Homeschool Preschool 2014-2015!!

I'm at it again! Last year, I didn't finish the year out because of sicknesses, the miscarriage, and we put Alivia in a pre-school 2 days a week. This year we are doing the same curriculum as last year, God's Little Explorers. So stinkin' cute! I really want to include Nolan in more of the activities this year. Last year he only did the art/craft activities but I want him to love learning, so he will be involved in everything except the reading readiness that I have planned for Alivia. I have everything ready for their 1st day of school tomorrow. My goal is just to make it fun and to be intentional about teaching them useful things. Be intentional about playing with them and loving them at this age.

I'll feel like I taught them well... 
If they don't know how to read by kindergarten but they know God loves them!  If they don't know simple math but they know we love them! If they don't know how to write well but they are polite, respectful, and kind to others. (It will be fantastic if they can read, write, and do simple math, but I'm not going to worry myself sick like I have in the past because ---->)

Teaching them kindergarten readiness is important but focusing on their quality characteristics, their fruit of the spirits, their everyday living is more important to us. We want them to enjoy childhood and not rush school on them. It's my job to make learning fun. So... I will teach them reading, writing, and arthmatic but I will focus on fun! I will make learning about God, learning every-day things, and learning about the fruit of the spirit more important then kindergarten readiness. 

Nolan is 3 years Old!!

This kid- this wonderful, silly, happy, quiet with strangers but never stops talking with us, funny, handsome, smart, thoughtful, going to be the class clown one day kid- is 3 years old. We love you Nolan!!!

And He Said (Name)!

A neighbor we just met asked Nolan what his name was and he said "name, name, Nolan" while pointing to himself and very clearly. So cute and starting to talk really well. He doesn't like us to call him anything but his name right now. If I say hi there cutie, he says with a very sad voice, "No, I Nolan" or sometimes "No, I Noly". :) Love him!

Purposeful Planning: Mid-Year Goals!!

I just got an email with the saying, "Happy half year" and it got me thinking what is it that I really want to work on during the remainder of this year. Here they are:

1. Create a creative and functional place that we can call our "learning area". Since we moved, I need to re-create this space.
2. Wake up before the kids... even if only 5 minutes before so I can have some time to mentally "wake up" before the kids. :)
3. Know my plans and get ready for the next day the night before especially if we have an early morning, but be flexible if something comes up.
4. Prepare breakfast and lunch. We have become pretty good and planning dinners but it would be wonderful if we can add breakfast and lunch into that mix.

I'm really great about setting goals and making plans, and I'm horrible about following through. Even though I do have more, these are the goals I really want to work on in the upcoming months.

Oops, I Forgot to Write About Alivia's 4th Birthday...!

Here are the details of her Princess Party in pictures! She had a lovely time. Enjoy.

Decorations: including vegan, gluten free cupcakes and sugar cookies. My favorite was the lace crowns. We still have 1 for pretend play.

The Party Girls: They had so much fun playing princess games, eating food, and opening presents. Alivia was so worn out she fell asleep on the couch after the party in her princess gear.
Happy Birthday song:
We love our little princess dearly!

And He Said (Snakes in Water)!!

The other day Nolan woke up at like 3:00a.m. in the morning and wanted water. He was adamant about having his cup, but being that it was 3:00a.m. and I had my cup on my bedside table, I gave him that water or at least tried. he cried and cried and threw a fit. It was quite loud in our very quiet dark room. I finally gave in and grabbed his cup from his room, next time I'll make him get it!! After he drank his water, I asked him why he didn't want to drink water from my cup and he said very seriously, "because there are snakes in your water." I guess I can't argue with that! :)

A Beautiful Mess!

My life has been just CRAZY. A crazy, beautiful MESS! (p.s. have you seen that movie- super cute). The MOPS group I was in had the theme of a beautiful mess this year and I feel that completely and totally captures my life since I started in 2013- 2014. It has been undeniably hard. Two miscarriages, sicknesses- so many sicknesses (including gout, colds, strep, skin infections & momo), hard to figure out headaches (found out Alivia is sensitive to dairy), staples and ER visits (Nolan hit is head on the concrete), and Nolan's never ending skin issues. I'm a stressed out mama and Ben is a tired daddy. I feel like God used this theme perfectly in my life- I needed it. In the midst of all these health issues, we know that God has a plan and our mess, our sickness, our life is beautiful to Him who created us. Honestly without God, these days would be harder then they already our. But with Him, I am feeling ok and  starting to realize that life, no matter how much you want it to be perfect, is a mess. I seriously am praying for better health and to be accident free for a while, we would love a sickness break. Ben told me the other day- in sickness and in health we love each other and that goes without saying that whatever God hands us, though it be sickness or health, we know He loves us and cares for us too. 

Along with sickness, comes the chaos of having two kiddos about 20 months apart. Here are a few pictures that really helped contribute to my beautiful mess. Love them!
Poor girl got a comb stuck in her hair and it took over an hour to get out. 

Chocolate face and loving it. 

Making outdoor chalk paint- talk about messy but fun. 

Homemade flubber time, this stuff is a mess to get off carpet.

Playing in the rain water, and look at my little fashion girl. 

Planting seeds... Dirt is messy. 

Painting Olaf. 

So creative. 

Nolan throwing clothes down the stairs, such a boy! 

What the kids room looked like on a daily basis before I implement a new toy system. 

Much more work but worth it, these can be messy though. :) 

Are you embracing your story!? 

And He Said!!

Nolan's chatting it up these days. Here are some of his favorites:
- me show (he wants to show us something) 
- E, up until a few weeks ago, turned Evie    (Livie) 
- me sad, happy, scared (Showing his emotions)
- napki (napkin) and he wipes his mouth after almost every bite
- boo boo, ouch (when he gets hurt) 
- Monkey George (Curious George)
- foooood (food, especially in the morning when first waking up)
-  chacky (Chocolate) 

He repeats almost everything we ask him to say. I just love him!! 

And She Said (Zoo Day)!

We were at the zoo and I let Alivia eat some of her favorite treat- yogurt covered raisins (very rare treat) and when she was done she threw her hands up in the air and said, "I need to go wash my hands to protect Nolan." Cute beyond words. I love how caring she is and how much she loves him. 

Jamberry, My Latest Fun!

I just love Jamberry nail wraps. It's my new favorite thing. If you haven't heard of this company before, you should check them out. I purchase some for myself and Jamberry juniors. Love them!!!

My Little Cuties!