Advent: Day 13!

Advent activity #13: We bought and brought a new toy to the Christmas Unlimited Toy Fund. The fire stations were collecting so we visited a fire station 2 days in a row! Nolan just wanted to be held! :) This fire station said they didn't have very many treats deliverered to them over the Christmas season, so we plan to do that sometime in 2014! 

Advent: Day 12!

Advent Activity #12: We visitited and toured a fire station. We made the fire fighters some yummy baked goods. The kids had a blast! We asked a lot of questions and learned a ton about fire fighters. When the rookie fire fighter asked what number we call in an emergency, Alivia raised her hand quickly and said "311". We told her try again and and she said "611". Haha, Everyone laughed. She knows the numbers on the phone but just got them confused when saying it. We are working on it now! :)

Advent: Day 11!

Advent Activity #11: We finished part 2 of the salt ornaments- Painting the salt ornaments after they dried! They loved this part of the activity and we had lots of salt dough ornaments to add to gifts this year! :) 

Advent: Day 10!

Advent Activity #10: We made part 1 of the salt dough ornaments, which I think we will try to do every year. They are so easy and fun! :) the kids enjoyed making them, okay, Alivia enjoyed it and Nolan wanted to just watch. :) 

Advent: Day 9!

Advent Activity #9: We had a special dinner on their little table/chairs and watched a movie- Planes. They loved itas we hardly ever watch tv and eat at the same time! And, the movie was a hit! 

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Advent: Day 8!

Adevent Activity #8: I took Christmas pictures of the kiddos! :) They turned out pretty good for someone with no photographer training, in my opinion

Some pictures that are not going out in my card! :) 

This is how Nolan acted most of the time, silly boy. It was a miracle that I even got a few good ones. :) 

Advent: Day 7!

Advent activity #7: We went to a Christmas event- traveled in the crazy, cold, snowy weather- and enjoyed ourselves. 

Asking for a house, both a house with a backyard (big request kiddo) and a cute pink dollhouse. We stuck with dollhouse for our letter and she drew it. 

Nolan wasn't so much into writing Santa but he did say he wanted another choo choo train. He loves those things! 

Making a snowman! 
Tree decorating!

Alivia decorating her tree! 

Adorable: Holding hands! 

Nolan didn't want to leave the trains. He kept on saying "More trains"!

Playing in the snow!

Advent: Day 6!

Advent activity #6: We had preschool co-op and I taught about the Nativity scene/Jesus' birth. I didn't grab any pictures of this but it was sweet. We read The Jesus' Storybook chapter on Jesus' birth, played nativity memory, sang 'happy birthday' to Jesus, ate chocolate chip banana bread muffins, and gave little gifts to Alivia's friends. Super cute! 

Advent: Day 5!

Advent Activity #5: Painting and cozy fire.  Nolan was napping during the painting activity but loved the fire time. 

Painting and daddy time was so special for Alivia!

Helping daddy start a fire!

Super cozy and warm!

Advent: Day 4!

Advent Activity #4: Today, we made vegan chocolate Chip cookies for our neighbors. We used this recipe at Delish! The kids absolutely love baking with us, so this was a very fun activity. We brought them over to our neighbors and only one neighbor was home. They seemed to enjoy it. We left the Christmas goodies on our other neighbors front door area that were not home. 

The most adorable little helpers! 

Look at these cute measuring spoons--> makes my heart happy!

Cute smile in exchange for a yummy cookie!

Yummy, yummy!

Playing with the kids! 

Cute Christmas Goodies! 

Getting ready to take our treats to our neighbors! 

Advent: Day 3!

Advent Activity #3: We read the Christmas Story and acted it out with our farm toys and little people. We read "Itsy Bitsy" by Max Lucado. Super cute Christmas tale about 2 mice searching for the king, who ended up being baby Jesus. The lesson of the book was that everyone can experience God's love even if your little! Alivia enjoyed it and Nolan only sat through the first page and then went and sat with daddy. The kids enjoyed some ice cream cones after the reading session.