1st week of School!!

Theme: X marks the Spot
Letter: X
Artist: Claude Monet

(I will slowly add in more as the weeks continue such as a bible verse, hymn, and character qualities as well as shapes, colors, and numbers for Nolan) 

We were on vacation for the 1st half of the week so we schooled in the hotel room and around the Vail, Co area. It was a fun way to stay entertained while Ben was at his golf tournament during the day. 

Searching for the letter "X"

Opening God's Treasure: The Bible

Practicing writing the letter "X" but she wanted to make the letter "H" at 1st, silly girl. 

Getting it down

Look at all those pretty letter "X's"

The "X"-person

Making an "X" with Popsicle sticks

Decorating their toilet paper roll binoculars for treasure hunts 

Putting their binoculars to use 

Nolan had to have a ball on his binoculars

We found a pirate ship playground in Vail that just went absolutely perfect with our "X" marks the spot theme!

Coloring with glitter glue- God's Word is a Treasure

Practicing cutting

Alivia's gold coins

Nolan's gold coins

On an a second treasure hunt of the week searching for the gold coins

Happy to make the letter "X"

I read Nolan a cute pirate adventure book

They made a treasure map that we will use throughout the year to map what we learned each week. Alivia wrote the "X" for the end of the map. 

Great 1st week of school! 

Rental Story: God Supplied Us With Our Needs!!

We have been praying and searching for a short-term rental for the last several weeks.
What we were looking for in our rental:
- 2+ bedrooms
- 1-2 bathroom
- full size washer and dryer in rental
- dishwasher
- decent amount of storage
- some sort of outside area, i.e. balcony/patio or backyard (wishful thinking)
- on the west side
- under $800
- 6 month lease

We went to about 6 places and they were mostly all junk for what they were asking in rent. Then one day I was on facebook looking at one of my groups I'm a part of and low and behold, a lady posted about how her family was in search of of somebody to sub-lease their apartment. I looked into and decided to go check it out. There were other people in line after us but since I was first to comment and wanted to move in the quickest, they let us have 1st choice. I had to go look at it without Ben, but it had everything we were looking for. It is still on the smaller side compared to what we are living in right now, but all in all, I really cannot complain.  It works out perfectly. The family wants to move out the weekend of the 11th and we need to be out of our current home by October 25, so that gives us plenty of time to pack and move. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with a full size washer and dryer, dishwasher included, plenty of storage for an apartment, and comes with a balcony and fabulous view. It is in Rockrimmon; not exactly on the west side like we were originally looking at, but it is only 10 minutes away from our current place and I still consider it to be on the west(ish) side. And, it is not junky! It actually looks like somewhere I can enjoy living. Ben and I were ok with living somewhere that we didn't necessarily love, but were really hoping to find something that would be pleasant to live in. It is under $800 a month with no deposit and the lease ends in April, so it's actually a 7 month lease, but close enough. God really knew our needs and put this amazing opportunity in front of us. Thank you Lord!