Pretty Little Lady!

Alivia is such a pretty little lady! This is the first time that I did her hair like this (2 French braids) and it actually looked ok. I just love having a daughter and that she enjoys being a girly-girl who lets me do her hair- mostly without grumbling about it, enjoys shopping, and enjoys playing princess.
 I absolutely love this picture of Alivia and her cousin Kayley!

Little lady and me!

Chelsea Visit!

We not only got to see Chelsea for a GOG picnic, but she also came over to our house for a little play-date. It was wonderful to meet her little cutie, William. He is such a good-natured little guy. Nolan and Alivia enjoyed having a buddy over to play with. Nolan is really becoming my little boy and just wanted to wrestle him but William was a sport and only got upset about it once. :) Seeing Chelsea really did my heart good. I enjoyed her company as much as I did several years ago when she lived in Colorado Springs. Until next time friend!

 (ugh, blurry pictures)

Garden of the Gods Fun!

We met up with a good friend, Chelsea, who moved out of state and came back here for a quick visit. She really wanted to go and hang out at the beautiful Garden of the Gods, so we met up for a picnic lunch. Here are the kids while we waited for her to get to GOG. We played with rain water, watched the mountain goats, and took a mini hike. It was so cute to watch the kids pointing with wonder at the huge rocks and animals. God made some pretty awesome scenery and it's practically in our back yard, or takes 5 minutes to drive to, so we can enjoy it often. :)

Nolan's 2nd Birthday!

We have a 2 year old toddler boy running around the house now. Wow, has he grown (not much in height) but in wisdom. He has started to talk a ton and investigate the world around him so much more. He is really into figuring out what's going on and loves to "play" (one of his new favorite words). He loves trains, I don't know where he got this fascination, since we don't have any trains in our house and don't watch Thomas the Train, but he is always talking about trains, or choo-choos rather. When we go to the library, I must find a choo-choo book before we go home! For his birthday day, we had a party planned but had to cancel because of Ben's work schedule. blah! We are in the midst of rescheduling it, hopefully before the holidays come a creeping our way. :) Since the cancellation of his party came up pretty quickly, I had to come up with something fast to do in honor of our birthday boy. We decided to go to a local toy shop and play! Nolan and Alivia had a blast. We bought Nolan some trains (that decided to break on us in his 1st play session, so we took them back, and got him a tractor instead. Because, Grandma bought him trains too) Here's to another fabulous year with our wonderful, sometimes humorous- sometimes serious, awesome, fantastic little guy!

Safety Class!

We enjoyed the Whole Foods safety class during their fun summer camp series. We ended up missing out on the other days, but the kids had fun climbing the fire truck, learning more about fire safety, and snacking on the yummy snacks. Grammy came and joined in on the fun too. She watched Alivia in the morning, or as A calls it, had a Grammy/A special time and then brought her to Whole Foods where Nolan and I met up with them. :)

Random Summer Pictures!


Cooking Class!

Whole Foods is offering a kids summer camp that we decided to attend. We didn't make it yesterday to the fun bus, but here are some pictures from the kids cooking class today. They made their own healthy snacks. They had a blast and really loved to eat the food they prepared all by themselves. :)