Alivia's New Princess Bike!

Alivia riding her new princess bike, that papa bought, for the very 1st time. She loves it and did a great job for her 1st ride. Here's to many more summer bike rides! And, of course it's princess themed and pink. Love my girly-girl!

Nolan Gives In!

So, this is an hilarious snapshot of Nolan refusing his last bite of dinner and therefore not getting his dessert (until he does eat that last bite). He seriously did this for a couple of minutes, but I only caught it on camera a few more times. He finally gave in and understood that in order to get his chocolate treat, we were having that night, he had to eat his last bite of dinner. Cracks me up every time I watch it!

Alivia's 1st Sleepover!

Alivia was beyond excited for her first sleepover, see for yourself! :) 

Family Picture Update!

I wanted some updated pictures so we had a mini, fun, random photo shoot at home. Nothing fancy, but got some cute ones :) Enjoy!