Traveling Time: PA Trip!

Here's the lowdown:
email 1- from dad listing his travel itinerary
email 2- from me saying "woohoo, glad we can see you for a whole week and wish we could join you in Pennsylvania to see the other family members".
email 3: from dad asking, "you guys want to come, I can make that happen". (nice perk having a dad who travels a TON and has miles upon miles and who likes to share)
email 4: from me typing with excitement, "I wouldn't want to take your miles, but yes we want to come!!"
email 5: from family members in PA, "make it happen".
email 6: from dad listing our travel itinerary to PA. :)

Enjoy the pictures:
Airplane fun for Alivia and Nolan. They enjoyed the first hour or so then were ready to move. Nolan was a hot mess an hour in and would not fall asleep even though he was beyond tired. I finally got him to rest about 30 minutes before landing. This was his first airplane trip and the first one Alivia actually remembered.
We celebrated my dad's birthday while in Pennsylvania. We went to Joe's Crab Shack and it had the coolest little playground attached to the restaurant. Genius!! The kids loved playing before and after we ate. My dad had a wonderful time and enjoyed a nice crab dinner, singing, and lots and lots of ice cream cake. Nolan once again broke out from cross contamination, but my uncle was with us and he is a chiropractor so he adjusted Nolan on the spot. It was so neat to see him become calm and stop itching altogether from being super itchy and restless. I think I always need a chiropractor when we go to eat. :)  

 The neighborhood where my aunt and uncle's family and cousin live had a Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had a blast. Alivia thought it was so fun to go and grab eggs. Pure joy! She grabbed eggs left and right so fast and we had to ask her to put some back for the other kids. Nolan fell asleep on the walk over and missed this hunt, but he will have many more to come. :) One sweet girl picked up the jackpot of all eggs, a $25 gift card to Toys-R-Us and gave it to the kids- Jackson, Kylie, Alivia, and Nolan- to share. We had a fun Toys-R-Us trip later in the week where all the kids got to pick out a fun new toy.

Easter day cuties!! Look at how cute they all are. I love cousin fun!

More Easter day pictures of the family! Uncle Chris joined in on the fun for the weekend too. It was such a fun family reunion trip. So happy to see that side of the family!

Look at this sweetness!
Alivia with my aunt Terry- LOVE this picture!!
 Last day of the trip pictures. I wish I would have got more pictures with the whole family, but we were busy having fun. So glad to have the time spent with my dad, aunt and uncle and family, and cousin's family. I love, love that Nolan and Alivia were able to meet there cousins.

And She Said (When I grow up)!

Putting Alivia to bed can sometimes bring up funny conversations, especially since a non-sleepy (she is really tired, but does not like to go to bed) little 3 year doesn't want to go to sleep. Tonight Alivia said something so cute, she said "mommy, when I grow up, can I help put Nolan to sleep, read to him, get him out of his crib, make dinner, make smoothies, clean up, get dressed all by myself, and help the elephants back to their home". (I think the elephant part is from watching Dora and Diego) I told her, "Of course honey, you can do anything you set your mind to". She then replied, "Even be a firefighter, oh thanks mommy". As of right now, her dream is to be a firefighter when she gets older. :)

I love to watch her get so excited about things!