And She Said (Healing Snow)!

This week, there has been on and off snow showers. It's been fun. It's been lazy. It's been cozy PJ, tea drinking kind of days. I have enjoyed these few weeks of slowed down life before summer approaches with the busy & hot days. One snowy morning, Alivia looks outside and says "mommy, when will the snow heal?" I had to think about that and she said again "the snow will heal soon right?" And then I totally got it and said "you mean the snow will melt and go away?" She told me, "yes, the snow will heal just like my boo boo did on my hand, it will go away". LOVE, LOVE her little thinking brain!

Traveling Time: Denver Trip!

After the 2012 holidays, I became travel-sick! I wished for a vacation like crazy. I started saving money by selling things around the house. We planned on making a Denver trip once we saved enough money for a few fun things, food, and hotel. One morning we woke up to discuss what we should do since Ben had the day off, and he suggested we make our trip since he had 2 days off in a row and we had enough money saved up. So, we packed and went up spontaneously for our Denver trip. We wished after the trip that we had planned a few more things as timing on a few things didn't go as planned (with the kids), but it was fun none-the-less to go up to Denver and get away from our every-day life. We went to the children's museum and ate at several local Denver spots. We wanted to do more but as I mentioned before- timing just got away from us. Here are a few fun pictures- the kiddos LOVED the museum! Definitely going again in the future.

Trash Love?!

There's just something so amazing about trash trucks at this age. Here is Alivia with some friends watching the trash truck during her birthday play-date! (Elijah Fong, Aida Honken, Alivia, Drew Williams, Abigail Fong)

And She Said (Airplane Talk)!

We recently took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family (a post in the works) and Alivia loved the airplane. As we were walking through security, I had to get my hands tested, supposedly for drugs, because I was carrying Nolan in the carrier. Alivia asked the gentleman why he was wiping my hands down and he responded, "to keep your mommy safe on the plane". We left to put on our shoes and Alivia asked me "Mommy, why don't I get to be safe on the plane too?". It was super cute. I brought her over to the station and asked if they would wipe her hands down also, so that she would be safe on the plane. :) They obliged, thankfully.

Operation Catch Up: Alivia's 3rd Birthday!

Here is my last post of Operation Catch Up! Hopefully I can stay caught up.

We celebrated Alivia's 3rd birthday with a button themed party. She loves to play with buttons, and so we made a party out of it. It was super easy, the decorations were cheap and/or free (as I already had lots and lots of buttons), and it was fun to set up. Alivia helped out with putting buttons all over our house. We had a few more decorations throughout the house as well, but I didn't grab pictures of everything. In the past we have celebrated with one big party- family and a few of her friends. This year, we spilt the family and friend parties up so it wasn't so big and overwhelming. Both parties were successful and fun! Alivia had such a fun time and she was such a joy to watch. I think she loves being the center of attention!! Enjoy this picture college of our darling 3 year old!

Here are a few pictures of celebrating Alivia on her actual birthday with just our family. We made breakfast birthday muffins and put 3 candles on it for her, which she loved. She wanted to blow them out over and over. We gave her some princess themed gifts that she absolutely adores!