Operation Catch Up: Christmas Time!

Christmas with Rachel's family!
spent with my mom and chris
 Christmas with Ben's family!
spent with the spiers' family, jo, gg, and billie
Woohoo for Christmas fun! The kids were kind of overwhelmed at first but then got the hang of opening presents, eating copious amounts of food, listening to joyful music, and enjoying time with the family!

Operation Catch Up: Christmas Party!

Happy kiddos playing and enjoying a local community Christmas party. They particularly loved the golf game- taking after their daddy!

Operation Catch Up: Christmas Tree Decorating!

Christmas tree decorating was so fun this year. Both kids loved helping out! Alivia was the lucky pick of putting the star on top of the tree. The picture on the lower left is one of my favorites. Pure joy!

Operation Catch Up: Thanksgiving 2012!

The Thanksgiving season of 2011, I posted something I was thankful for each day in November. This past Thanksgiving, I didn't get a chance to do that because I was without a computer. We were staying at Ben's mom's house due to the house incident. Yuck. My overall thankful them of Thanksgiving 2012 is cliché, but it's true. I was most thankful for God's love and my family's super awesome support and help during our crisis. We are forever thankful for all the help we received during that time in our life. I am without-a-doubt beyond thankful today that we are in our house now and living our normal day-to-day life, but I know that I learned a lot during that time. This was the first year since being together that Ben and I spent our Thanksgiving days a part. He traveled to help my dad with his big London move, and I stayed home with the kids. Our actual Thanksgiving day was spent at my mom's house. We enjoyed our time with my mom and brother, ate some yummy food, and the kids had a blast! Ben enjoyed his Thanksgiving day with my dad's side of the family. He had a great time with my dad and road tripping from California to Las Vegas to Colorado. Here are a few pictures of our day here in Colorado

And She Said (Cat Talk)!

Alivia really wants her Sniffs back and she asked if we can get him back or get another cat. When I told her no because Nolan is allergic, she said "well, maybe we can get rid of Nolan and then get another cat".

Oh the thinking of a 3 year old! We talked about how we couldn't get rid of Nolan and how we would all miss him. I also told her that we can probably get a cat or dog when they get older, and she seemed satisfied with that answer. :)

Purposeful Planning: Assigned Chores for Me?!

So as I child, I was assigned chores. It worked. I didn't like it, but I got completed the chores assigned to me because it was my responsibility. If I didn't complete my chores, I had consequences.

I need assigned chores today, and I need to figure out consequences if I don't complete my chores. It worked when I was younger. Will it work again?! I hope so. :) I plan to re-complete my chore list and figure out different ideas of consequences and/or privileges.

Here's to phase 2 of purposeful planning!!