Halloween Fun!

This year, we went trick-or-treating two times!! Manitou Springs' local businesses hand out free candy during the day, so we decided to go since we were temporarily living in Manitou (due to water damage at our house). We then went to Aunt Jo's house and ate dinner and trick-or-treated around her house with the Alivia and Nolan's cousins. We have done that every year with Alivia and plan to continue it as a tradition. Jo loves to have all the kids dressed up at her house. :) We kept a handful of candy (m&m's and Hershey's chocolates) and sent the rest with Billie (Ben's mom) to her work to get eaten. We don't eat a lot of candy/sugar in our house so we just wanted a few pieces. I think Alivia ended up with like 5-6 pieces altogether and Nolan can't eat any of it due to his allergies, so I waited until nap time or gave him some chocolate chips when Alivia had her Halloween treats.

Trick-or-Treating in Manitou Springs
Alivia and Nolan with there Papa
Nolan as a lion!
Nolan Trick-or-Treating
Another shot of Nolan enjoying himself with his very own candy bucket
Uncle Chris and Alivia
Cuties- (Alivia picked her Halloween outfit, she was originally going to match Nolan and be a giraffe)
I love my little ones!!!!!
Playing in leaves
Running through leaves

Here's the Scoop (our our life lately)!

It's been awhile...
because I have a broken computer.
because I may have, just may have lost all my pictures (1000's of pictures) due to not being responsible and backing them up like I was supposed to.
because I have been dealing with our insurance company, construction workers, and hardware stores.
because we are currently not living in our house.
because I have been preoccupied with everyday life.

It's been stressful...
because I was distracted and accidentally left water running in our upstairs bathroom with the plug in and then left the house to run errands for 2 hours. 
because this accident ruined a large portion of our house.
because our house is in shambles and will take at least a week to put back together after reconstruction.
because we have been out of our house for 2 weeks and probably 2 more.
because we have a lot of items to replace. 
because we all got sick.

It's been wonderful...
to see our church friends and family rally around us and help us during this unfortunate incident.
to have dinner brought to us for a full week while staying in a vacant guest home for the 1st week (that didn't have much).
to stay in a place that is warm, familiar, and close to home- Ben's mom's home. 
to work with construction workers that our honest and respectful.
to find out that damage on our home is not as bad as we first thought.
to find out that our insurance company will pay for all the damages when we first thought they were not.
to upgrade our flooring to lamanent wood from really worn carpet.
to have friends that our willing to help with the reconstruction.
to only have things damaged and that no one was hurt. 
to find that the damage didn't spread to our neighbors townhomes.
to have a loving husband who is supportive of me even when I make mistakes.
to know that God provides in the most mysterious of ways sometimes.

We have lots to be thankful for even during the everyday, crazy, sometimes unfortunate events. God has blessed us even through this accident. When it was looking dark and gloomy, He showed us his love and gave us another little opportunity to trust in Him!!