Water Fun (Round 3)!

Okay- this one really doesn’t have much to do with water except that I was filling up the baby pool in the morning (for afternoon water fun)and the kids were too cute, so I snapped pictures around the pool. Haha


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Water Fun (Round 2)!

We take a lot of baths around here. Partly because what kid doesn’t like baths and partly because of doctors orders. Due to Nolan’s very dry skin (blah), the doctor suggested giving Nolan a bath every day for 15-20 minutes. Now sometimes (especially lately, due to laziness and business) I don’t/just can’t do it everyday. And, there are definitely days that Nolan does NOT want to take a bath. But, for the most part, Nolan likes his baths. Here are some pictures of our funny boy during one bath time. He can make some funny faces!


Water Fun (Round 1)!

This summer, we went to eat at the Nevada shopping center and the “sprinkles” (as Alivia says it) were on. Alivia and Nolan had so much fun playing with the water. We went home with a soaking wet girl who jumped with joy in the water. Nolan was a little more tenative with the water but still enjoyed putting his hand in the water! Oh, water fun!
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2012 4th of July Pictures!

I-phone Pictues

Super late and super cute! Going through pictures and wanted to upload some to the blog that I never got around to. So… there may be some random pictures from this summer showing up.

Pretty Alivia!

Breath-taking & beautiful! She is wearing a dress I once wore when I was her age. :)


{Our Week(s)}

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A lot of crummy things have seem to to come our way over the past few weeks:

~ After finding out that 2 of our neighbors had smoke damage from the Waldo Canyon Fire; we decided we should have an assessment completed, and we did indeed have smoke/soot damage as well. We had to pay our insurance deductible for the remediation. Our insurance company and the cleaning company were not the easiest to work with.

~ The cleaning crew broke a picture frame and Alivia's piggy bank that I got for a gift when I was pregnant with her. I know it was just a piggy bank but it was perfect and cute and adorable!! It matched the piggy bank that I just found for Nolan at a garage sale earlier this summer. I am now on the hunt for one similar or a-like enough to match Nolan’s. After numerous times searching the web and looking at a few stores, I have come up short. I plan to order a hand-painted one or found a cute birdy one at Pottery Barn Kids, which is totally not the same at all but cute nonetheless.

~ The cleaning crew also shut off our freezer and we lost about $75 of food. I am thankful that I only had 2 freezer meals in that freezer. We have sent them the estimate and our just waiting for them to send us a check so we can replace our freezer food!

~ We had a major change coming our way with our insurance starting Oct 1. If we can’t change our insurance plan, we will increase our monthly premium by a lot and that is going to hurt come this winter.

However, even though we have been hit with some not-so-fun things, we have also experienced some awesome blessings and joys. Thanks be to God.

~5 years ago in the beginning of our marriage, Ben's car got hit by a lady driving drunk. It was a hit and run but with there being witnesses, we found the lady. We had to pay our deductible since she did not have insurance to pay for it. We never thought we would get that money back and actually forgot about it until this week. We received a check for the deductible. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! God has the best and perfect timing. Just when we thought this month was going to be rough, God brought a totally unexpected blessing our way!

~ Ben’s work, The Garden of the Gods club, set up a fund for people who had damage with the Waldo Canyon fire and this fund helped pay for half of our deductible for our cleaning/remediation work.

~ Several ladies from my church prayed for me and encouraged me with some struggles I have been dealing with, and I have had the best week in a while.

~ We took Nolan to a homeopathic doctor in Boulder and got a few more hints as to why Nolan is STILL having skin issues. Hoping to be away with Nolan’s scratchy skin soon.

~ Nolan’s skin issues as well as mine are seeing some improvement

~ We enjoyed the Butterfly Pavilion and a pumpkin patch that delighted the kids! They had a blast.

~ We have enjoyed a lot of quality time with family. LOVE IT!

~ I had such an enjoyable 27th birthday yesterday! I am a firm believer in a birthday week, so I still have lots of celebrating to do. haha

Nolan’s 1st Birthday Party!!

We celebrated Nolan’s birthday on his actual birthday, August 17th, 2012. It was an enjoyable day. With close to 40 people in attendance, we decided to have it a local park. The park has a fun fountain, and it was supposed to be the last day of the fountain for the season- unfortunately, winds were too high and they closed down the fountain before we arrived. It was a little disappointing, but we celebrated and enjoyed our little guy nevertheless. We played in the park, ran the grass, ate some yummy food (sandwiches, grapes, hummus, chips, and of course cupcakes), and enjoyed being with friends and family. We love Nolan and think he had a great 1st birthday!

Friend time:2012-10-091

Cupcake time:2012-10-09

Play time:2012-10-092

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Here's a picture of my cuties! Updates from the last two weeks and how life has been in the Spiers' household to come soon. Happy Fall!