And She Said (Would Ya)!

Today, I was telling Alivia to stop something, and I said in a kind of joking way " stop it, would ya". She looked at me very seriously and said, "Why you calling me would-ya, my name is Alivia".

{Our Week}

I decided I do want to do a weekly family update on our blog on Fridays along with the other spontaneous/random/fun posts. :) Although, this one will be very, very short and simple as I have to go to bed and get ready for garage sale #2 of the season (More on how/why I am getting rid of stuff to come)
This week was so much fun:
Saturday- Geared up for Nolan's party, ran errands with family, and hung out with Ben!
Sunday- Nolan's Birthday party, pictures and post to come! He had a blast and we loved celebrating our little guy!!!!!!!!!
Monday- Stayed home and played/organized/decluttered... I'm becoming quite the home body these days. I love the simplicity of not having somewhere/something to do everyday. (In the past, I have been known to over-book)
Tuesday- Stayed home and played/organized/decluttered more :)
Wednesday- Library time. Alivia had too much fun with one of her best buds, Aida!
Thursday- Dinner with Alivia and Nolan's "new cousins" (AKA, the Malpass family) and grandma
Friday- Library time with the Malpass Family, Grandma, Aunt Jo, and GG. I'm gearing up for the garage sale: lots of work!!!

This week, I had an internal struggle of wanting to get "my" things completed on my list versus being a "mom" to the kiddos. I didn't play with them as much, and I think Alivia definitely struggled with not having as much "mommy time" as she is used too. Nolan, however, didn't seem to mind that much. I can just put him on the floor with a few toys or his high chair with snacks and he is mostly good to go. I am learning that I am taking his easy-going nature for advantage though. I am going to work on more one-on-on play/learning time with Nolan when Alivia is in her quiet time instead of getting the (un)important stuff on my list done. I must remember these are the days that I will want to remember being a mom and cherishing. I probably won't remember that I got things ready for a garage sale (although needed to happen) or got the dishes done on a timely matter (although they too need to be completed). There is a balance and I am off balance right now. I need to re-check my priorities and get back to a healthy balance!! :)

Busy, Busy!!

I've been busy, busy getting ready for Nolan's 1st birthday party coming up this Sunday. He is going to have a sunshine birthday party at a local park with a huge water fountain! I have prepped this party to hopefully have a picnic-esque type atmosphere with minimal but cute decorations. I'll take lots of pictures! I have also been preparing for Alivia's preschool- learning time- that will begin the 4th week of August. Hard to believe I will have a 1 year old tomorrow and a 2 1/2 year that is ready to start official learning time. I decided to start her in preschool this year as she is eager to learn and is already asking when she is going to go to school. We are not willing to pay for her to go to preschool, nor was I emotionally ready to let her go. Therefore, I am going to teach her myself. Someone I know told me about a FREE preschool program called ABC Jesus Loves Me, and I have been working on getting that program ready, but it is taking a lot of time to prepare. The good thing is that once I have everything ready, printed, and prepared, I will not have to do much prep-work in the following weeks. I will only have get a few things ready the night before for crafts and such and make sure I have the book of the week ordered (for the following week) checked out (for the current week) from the library. I will be doing learning time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and leaving Wednesdays and Fridays for errands, play-groups, small groups, library time, appointments, etc. We will be staying home 3 out 5 days a week and implementing a daily schedule. Schedules are not me- I parent in a spontaneous, free-flowing, granola"y" type style, so I am excited and a bit apprehensive to start a schedule with the kids. I think that it is going to be a great thing, and I am hopeful that the kids adapt to it well. The only scheduled thing that I have for the kids at the moment is quiet time/nap time, yet that is rarely at the same time everyday. All the kids know is that is after lunch time! :) We shall see how are school year will go and how the kids do with a schedule. I will also start blogging on a more regular schedule as it is important to me but sometimes gets pushed back due to other things that are usually not as important, but takes up too of my time. :) I follow a few blogs and have seen a trend in a weekly update sort of post, so at the very least, I plan on trying to do one of those- maybe on Fridays.

Looking forward to celebrating Nolan, becoming a teacher, Alivia's excitement in learning, and starting some new things this fall!