10-11 Month Update for Mr. Nolan!

Nolan is going to be 1 in less than a month. Wow!

Nolan's Stats:
Still in the 15 pound range at last appointment (Nurse said 15.3 as a naked kid but for his 8/9 month update, I had weighed him with clothes on and got 15.6- he did not lose weight. The Dr. is happy with his slow weight gain/maintenance) We plan to get accurate stats on his birthday!

Nolan's Loves:
Playing with balls-Cleaning up blocks (putting it in the container)-Being outside-Watching people-Playing with Alivia-Giving kisses to his mama-Seeing Daddy come home from work-Blueberries-Baked Goods (pancakes and muffins are his favorite)-Chocolate (yes, I have sneaked a few pieces to him here and there and he LOVES it)-Being held-Taking Baths (but he likes no other types of water like splash park or puddles or the pool)-Standing up-Waving (he grins so big when we tell him to wave “bye-bye”)-Stroller rides-Dogs from afar-Music and dancing-Playing with the play kitchen and all the accessories-Getting into dirt piles- crawling…

Nolan's Dislikes (I’m adding this category because he all of sudden has quite a few):
Getting wet (aside from bath time)-Diaper change time (he cries and screams and tries to roll away from me; have you ever tried to change a cloth diaper on a squirmy kiddo. I’m getting better but it is still hard)-Going in the car seat (arching back, screaming, and full out baby tantrum-only trick is to give him some food to stay distracted)-Sitting still (i.e. high chair)-falling asleep on his own with out being nursed to sleep…

Nolan's New Things:
- He now loves to throw things all the time and when we ask him to throw it, he kind of winds up to make his throw and then flaps his hands with excitement after he makes his throw.

- Nolan is a crawling machine now… And, by crawling machine, I mean he can crawl like a champ when he wants to. He still chooses to stay in one place quite often, but he will crawl if he has his mind set on getting his little, cute hands on something.

- He can stand in once place for about 15-25 seconds before falling on his bum. He just smiles and laughs when he falls and then wants to do it again.

- Nolan is trying out all sorts of foods with us and likes the majority of what we give him. His new favorite food is buffalo hot dogs. Yummy!

- Nolan took the bottle for the first time at 11 months when I was out of the house helping with a garage sale and my mom was watching the kiddos for 5 hours.

- Nolan can understand if we are asking him if he wants “milk”, “all done”, or “more” in sign language and occasionally, not on demand, will use his signs

- Nolan has a not-so-great habit of hitting faces and biting legs. For the hitting, he thinks it is a funny game and for the biting, he is teething. We are trying to teach him that these are not indeed a funny game or something acceptable.

- He has his 2 bottom front teeth and this top two front are making there way.

Fell asleep in a swing at Brittney and Kevin's House during evacuation from Waldo Canyon Fire- he was so tired and would not usually fall asleep in a swing especially at 10 months old. (Sorry for the poor quality)
Didn't want to eat and trying to figure out how to get of his high chair :)

Crawling dude- look at his focus (that tongue)
Playing in water at a local shopping area- isn't he just adorable!

Alivia and Nolan sharing a shopping cart...

Our little cutie!

Loves blueberries

He can be so serious at times (but when he wants to he gives us a handsome smile)

Random Thoughts from Running Errands!


Isn't it odd that upon stopping at a local farmer's market, one can find produce that is sold in the stores. For example, Bing cherries from Washington. Didn't you know you were in Colorado, Mr. Fake Farmer. This morning at a farmer's market, I routinely asked if the items were from Colorado and to my surprise many of them were not. Many where flown in from other states and the exact items you can find at the grocery store. They are items of produce that I usually buy when I go to King Soopers and such. I find this odd and puzzling, isn't the point of going to a local farmer's market to buy fresh, LOCAL, in-season produce. One would think. At least Alivia still enjoyed the experience, and we did get some local produce at a really great price.


After the farmer's market, we took a little walk to a gluten-free bakery to pick up some vegan, wheat-free bread (some day I plan to try to make vegan, wheat-free from scratch but that day wasn’t today) and found that they sell day-old bread at a discounted rate. Yes, please!! It's all going in the freezer anyways. We are on an extremely tight food budget (after several high/crazy monthly food bills and Ben working less hours this summer because of an additional employee at his work) but still make it a very high priority to buy mainly high quality whole foods. I will take discounts anywhere. :) Then as we were walking back to the car, we stumbled upon a charming Old Colorado City home that was having a yard sell. We picked up this set of 6 cute wooden puzzles for Nolan (of course Alivia will play with it also) and two books/combined puzzle and games for Alivia for $6. The wooden puzzles come in a little stacker and it is pretty adorable. We plan to give this to him for his 1st birthday, which reminds me I need to start planning for that. :)

The kiddos enjoying our Saturday morning with samples and sticks! :)

Fire and Perspective!



(The west side of Colorado Springs burning- only a few miles from were we live.
Credit: The Denver Post)

There's nothing like a high possibility of losing your home to give you a clear perspective. Before the Colorado Springs Waldo Canyon fire (that started last week), I was becoming discontent with our living situation and house. I was ready to move because of the lack of space and growing amount of stuff. When we had to evacuate and decide what was really important to us, we were able to fit everything in 2 cars. We really understood and realized, when we left our home, that things are only things. Yes, I have known that before but sometimes we can place a high importance on material things when all that matters is that our true "home" lies in trusting and believing in God and that our family is safe and sound!! Now that we are home again, I have begun to go through things and get rid of things we don't need/want. We are going to donate some to the 346 families that did lose their homes to the fire, put some up for sale, and give the rest to Good Will. I am now completely content with our house, and I am thankful that we had a house to come home to. This doesn't mean that when the day comes, I will be ready to move into a different house!! For the time being, however, I have learned/forced to change my attitude and give gratitude for what we have instead of grumbling for what we don't have.

Praying for those that lost there homes and the fire fighters that risked their lives for our community!!
Check these videos out: