Beautiful Alivia!

Easter Time!

This year for Easter, we went over to the other Spiers' household and celebrated with the family. I was so happy we didn't miss this celebration like we had to miss '11 Thanksgiving celebration. It was fun to be around family and watch Alivia Easter Egg Hunt. This was her first year to partake in the festivity and she had a blast. She did 3 this year, and definently had the hang of it by this hunt (as you can tell in the pictures below). We are so thankful to have Jesus in our lives and although we had fun with the corny, comercialized Easter activies, we also knew and celebrated the true meaning of Easter and enjoyed that we did so with family.

 It was indeed a great day!

Easter Egg Party!

We went to an Easter Egg Party and decorated eggs with the family. This was Alivia's 1st time dying Easter eggs and she LOVED it. It was such a fun project for her. She made a complete mess, spilled the pink dye on the floor, and got dye all over-including her new shoes we just bought her- but she enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching her CREATE!!

 Alivia working it!
Janelle showing off her cute polka-dot egg!
Allan being creative!
Alivia and her details- She wanted it perfect!
Nolan loving the attention from cousin Janelle!
Lauren posing for the camera- so cute!
Luke working hard!
The Group!
Alivia's egg creations that she made all by herself!
Her mess, she enjoyed herself!
Showing off her eggs with much excitement!

Nolan at 8 months!

My darling at 8 months.

Alivia Today!

Oh my word...
Today, Alivia had many & many "baby" (aka mini) homemade pumpkin muffins that we made together!
Today, Alivia gave Nolan sweet kisses on the cheek, just because!
Today, during her quiet time, Alivia decided that she needed to give her stuffed animals a bath! (Messy but cute, and I had to tell her that she couldn't do that without me anymore- we don't want any water accidents.)
Today, Alivia helped out Nolan without being asked.
Today, Alivia played with water and took off her clothes outside. Naked kid alert!! We don't think that is against the HOA rules and regulations. :)
Today, Alivia took a "shower"... all by herself!
Today, Alivia dressed herself!
Today, Alivia wanted me to give her a hug because she was a little bit scared!
Today, Alivia wanted me to hold both Nolan and her, sometimes she just wants to be held and asks/tells me to put Nolan down.
Today, Alivia is 2 years old and 5 months and is becoming such a big, independent, sweet, caring, creative, loving, awesome girl!
Today, I want to remember!