Sunny Days = Happy Kiddos!

Just happy little Nolan!! P1010804P1010803P1010811 My cutie!!!P1010805    P1010809

Some of both the kiddos interacting together and having fun! P1010810P1010812 Hi cuties!! P1010813P1010815 Nolan is so darling! P1010816P1010817P1010818P1010819 Alivia is so silly!          Sweet siblings! P1010820P1010821Holding hands!P1010822P1010823Loving each other!P1010824P1010825 Hello, adorable! P1010826P1010827 Smiles all around! P1010828P1010829Counting fingers! P1010830P1010831NoP1010834lan is done with pics! Ready to go outside!! We have loved the gorgeous 70* weather these past few weeks. We have been to the park many times, went on countless walks, and just enjoyed the outdoors. Yeah for spring & Happy April!P1010832

A Funny Cloth Diaper Article!

Here is a humerous article about cloth diapers that I enjoyed reading. Take a quick moment to read Cloth Diapers: The Good and the Crappy and smile!!

Cloth 101 (via Simple Mom)!

Here is another web post I just pounced on when reading one of my favorite blogs... The simple series, this one under simple mom! this post is ALL about cloth diapering. seriously if you are interested at all in learning abour cloth, this might be your first stop!!

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Cloth Resources!

A few places I find myself visiting when I have questions about cloth diapers or just want to browse some cloth diapering blog post. I have found a few other sites that I have visited one to two times, but the below sites I have frequented often…

I enjoy shopping locally at… (new cloth) (gently used cloth)

Why Cloth?!

Top 10 reasons to start with cloth or switch to cloth! Ideas adopted from 7 Reasons to Try Cloth Diapers and 7 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Diapers (along with some of my own commentary):

1. They’re not your mama’s old fashion “pin” cloth diapers (unless you want them to be)!!

  • They are much more “advanced” now making cloth diapers easier to use (as easy as disposable diapers

2. You don’t have to make a run to the store for diapers and you don’t have to make a special trip to the store because you just used your last disposable diaper!!

3. Less blowouts/leaks due to the absorbent cloth = less changing baby’s clothes!!

  • Yes, I still have a few leaks here and there with Nolan, but I do not have as many and I have only had to deal with 1 blowout since starting cloth diapering.

4. More eco-friendly, helping the environment one change at time!!

  • According to the Sustainability Institute, 80% of the diapering in the United States is done with disposables. That comes to 18 billion diapers a year, just in the U.S. alone! Each baby could save thousands of diapers from hitting the landfills.

5. Cloth diapers save money (Personal experience as shown in Cloth Saves! post)

6. Cloth diapers are softer and more comfortable on the tush!

7. You do have to change cloth diapers more leading to less diaper rash!

8. Best for baby. An easy way to stay away from these chemicals is to cloth diaper!! Here’s a short list of some of the ingredients that go into a disposable diaper (found on the article 3 Reasons to Cloth Diaper)

9. They are easy to wash!!

  • I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I am already doing laundry for the family and what is a couple more loads a week.  I have started to hang dry the diaper covers and flats and that does require a bit more work, but I am saving more energy doing it and using the sun as a stain remover!

10. They are so adorable!!

And She Said (On the Subject of Disobeying)

Where does she get these things from...
*When calling her downstairs/upstairs- "I don't hear you", I'm pretty sure you did if you just responded to me! haha
*When touching her at the store and she just wants to walk or get into trouble (i.e. touch everything) or when she is upset with me- in a very upset voice "Don't touch me"
*When doing I'm doing something she doesn't think I should be doing, like telling her to do something she doesn't want to do- "Don't say that mama (or dada)" or just "Don't say that" 

She is starting to experiment with indepenence in this house, she wants to do almost everything on her own and if she can't or we won't let her (i.e. brushing her teeth... we let her try but we always do the first real brushing) then she will do a short scream/fake cry. At least it's not an all-out kicking and screaming tantrum. She doesn't really do tantrums, she is more into the constant whine/short screams. Half the time I have to cover my smile/laugh at her doing this and showing off her emotions, but sometimes my patience does run thin. I'm starting to have to throw in more disciplinary actions, and I don't love this part of parenting but I know it is extremely important. I am learning in this area as I am not as good at dicipline as Ben is. I told Ben it is a learning experience, and I am working on it and not giving into all of Alivia's demands. I tend to lean more on Alivia making choices... love and logic type parenting... but I am learnining that sometimes I just have to make the choice for her even if she gets upset with me. It is for the best in the long run!

Cloth Saves!

We decided to go with flat diapers with a diaper cover for our main choice of cloth diapering because this option is one of the most inexpensive ways to cloth diaper (Meaning we will be saving even more money in the long run than using disposable, some cloth diapers options are pretty pricey… Although, even if you go with the most expensive cloth option your still saving money-see below).

My mom (a big thanks to her) bought 2 Groupon specials to a Denver cloth diaper store for $20 for $40 worth of cloth diapers, so I had $80.00 to spend on cloth diapers. We took a trip up to Denver and bought the diapers and had lunch- fun outing!

We use the Swaddlebees Flat Diapers, which run about $16 to $18 for a pack of 6. We purchased 2 packs for $18 a piece = $36.00 (that went towards the $80 from Ecopolitian).

We bought 1 woolybottoms cloth diaper cover for $30.00 (that went towards the $80 from Ecopolitian). So along with 6 Kushies fitted diapers and 2 covers (approxamately $60.00) that I bought when Alivia was diapering, the flats and 1 cover added to my collection for full-time cloth diapering. Cloth diapering is kind of trial and error to find out what you like. We found out that we did not like the wool diaper cover because Nolan has such sensitive skin and is quite sensitive to the wool. Overall, the wool diaper cover is a great choice because you don’t have to wash it often and it is a great night time cover. I would definitely use this as a night time cover if he didn’t show signs of sensitivity (wish I would have knew about this before hand and would have stocked up on Thirsties covers). We don’t love the Kushies fitted, but they would work when Ben changed Nolan because they are similar to disposable (we upgraded to an All-In-One or AIO now for when Ben changes Nolan or when we are out and about). You get what you pay for in the cloth world and the Kushies are just made on the cheaper side, but they are ok for short trips or in-between washes. I recently bought 6 Thirsties AIO (to replace the Kushies fitted) on craigslist for $5.50(ish) a piece = $33.50 (I paid 50 for all of the diapers and covers so just divided it by 9). 4 Thirsty All-In-Ones and 2 Swaddlebees pockets. These both range from $20.00 to $25.00 a diaper when bought new

As for the Thirsties diaper covers, . My dad bought 3 covers (size 1) at full price for $39.00 at our local cloth diaper store- Baby Cotton Bottoms, and I bought 3 diapers (1 size 1 and 2 size 2) off of craigslist for 5.50(ish) each = $16.50 (I paid 50 for all of the diapers and covers so just divided it by 9).

Overall, we have 24 cloth diapers and 7 covers; however, we only use 18 cloth diapers and 4 cloth diaper covers on a regular basis at this time. I plan to place the Kushies fitted diapers and Wollybottoms diaper cover on craigslist for cheap to get some dollars back!! And, I will have to buy some AIO in the next size or some One size pockets for Nolan when he grows bigger.

Here is our spending on diapers so far:

My mom and dad helped us with the starting cost (THANK YOU), contributing $79.25 


we paid a total of $110.00 ($60.00 of which I bought and used with Alivia) 

Making our grand total on cloth (for now) at…


Here’s to saving lots of money using cloth diapers. I plan on spending about $50 to $75 more on Nolan’s next size of AIO/pocket/easy cloth diaper option making our total to about $250.00 for cloth. With the disposables we did purchase in the first few months and the few packages I may buy here and there to have on hand, I estimate spending around (give or take) $400 for Nolan’s entire diapering from birth to potty training. Not too shabby. A baby can go through about 9000 diaper changes from birth to potty training. The estimated amount spent on disposable diapers $2160.00.

Here is a handy little chart from Baby Cotton Bottoms:

Costs to diaper for 30 months (2.5 years):

Disposable diapers: 9000 changes averaging 24 cents per change = $2160.00
Disposable wipes: Average 84 wipes per week * 4.4 cents per wipe = $480.00
Diaper Service (prefolds only--no wipes, no covers): $2365.00
Cloth laundered at home: $300.00-1000.00 (new diapers, depending on the system chosen and does not account for resale/reuse value)

With my estimated cost of spending around $400 for Nolan’s diapering needs, according to this chart, we will be saving $1,760. Cloth saves!!

Our Cloth!

We decided to go with flat diapers and diaper covers for our main choice of cloth diapering.

Why we love the flat diaper:

  • We can use them from birth to potty training (only buy one time through diapering, unless we need/want more in quantity)
  • Inexpensive cloth option (already a cheaper option than disposable, but it is one of the cheapest cloth options out there)
  • Fast drying on drying rack, in dryer, or combo method
  • Cute prints
  • Easy to fold, once I got the hang of it- takes about 5 minutes to fold all 12 (Some would say it’s not as easy as pocket, fitted, or AIO’s, but it works for me, and I love how the flat diapers work and look)
  • Trim fit as Nolan has grown, very big at first but still worked well
  • Works under most cloth diaper covers
  • Do not have to use pins like the “old fashion” cloth diapers (I just fold and put the nice, cozy, cute cloth diaper cover on, which keeps the flat diaper in place)
  • Only experienced a few leaks over time, which is going to happen with any diaper (disposable or cloth)

Look how super cute the Swaddlebees Flat Diapers are!! Love.

As for the diaper covers, We use thirsty covers and love them!! I really do prefer snaps over velcro.

Thirsties Duo Wrap with Snaps- hello adorable

Why we love this cover:

  • Super easy to use over flat diapers
  • Easy to adjust to the perfect snug size for Mr. Nolan
  • Features an adjustable rise for longer use as he grows
  • Grows with Nolan, only two sizes will fit from birth to potty ( Size One: 6-18 pounds or 0-9 months and Size Two: 18-40 pounds or 9-36+ months)
  • We can save more money, goes along with my 1 time buying flat diapers
  • Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
  • Pliable and breathable in the cutest of prints and solid colors
  • Can just wear his cloth with a t-shirt in the summer time
  • Only experienced a few leaks over time, which is going to happen with any diaper (disposable or cloth)

I recently bought 6 All-In-Ones (AIO) on craigslist (I love a good deal):  4 Thirsty All-In-Ones and 2 Swaddlebees pockets to replace my old Kushies fitted diapers.

Thirsties All-In-One Pocket… again cuteness! Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0- love the owls and snaps! Simplex 2.0

Why we love the AIO:

  • Goes on in one simple step, just like a disposable (Great for trips or for when Ben changes Nolan)
  • Easy to use
  • Cute, cute, cute
  • The Thirsties have an elastic gusset around legs to prevent leaking
  • The Thirsties have a durable hook and loop closure that doesn’t attach to my cloth wipes in the washer as my Kushie diapers did (main reason I didn’t love velcro, I still prefer snaps over velcro but these diapers work well)
  • The Swaddlesbees close with snaps and I love using snaps
  • Works well to add additional inserts for longer periods of wear or as an overnight diaper (although, my number 1 choice of overnight diaper is flat with multiple inserts and cover = simple) [Side note: I have heard the good mama diapers are great overnight diapers but they are $35 to $40 a diaper (unless I find them on Craigslist), maybe someday]
  • Only experienced a few leaks over time, which is going to happen with any diaper (disposable or cloth)
  • Thirsties are made in Colorado, and that’s just cool

Aren’t they just too cute? Cuter than disposable any day and cheaper too. Next to come, how much we are saving! It’s a lot and it’s wonderful…

Cloth Baby!

We started exclusively cloth diapering Nolan at 2 1/2 - 3 (ish) months! I love it. I know it sounds odd to love a type of diaper, but now that we are not throwing away money on disposable- it’s true, I do like diapering now (for as much as you can like diapering). There is just something wonderful about cloth, minus the pee and the poo that’s bound to happen, and I can’t really explain it but it’s love!! I like to put on his fresh cloth diapers and just feel happy about it. Since Nolan has been born in August, we have purchased disposable diapers only a number of times, under 5 times. WOW!! We occasionally have a need for disposable, but not very often (when I need to strip the cloth diapers or I’m running super low on my cloth stash… I try to stay on top of the cloth laundry and complete this task every other day, but sometimes I don’t get it done every other day.) More to come on why/how we cloth diaper. For now, enjoy some pictures of this cute little guy of mine!!                                                    

Just some cute pictures of Nolan at 4 months! P1010576P1010577P1010579P1010581

Nolan modeling one of his cute cloth diaper at 4 months!! P1010584P1010587             P1010588P1010589             P1010590P1010591             P1010592P1010593             P1010595P1010585

Remember 12-31-11!

I posted about Alivia’s birthday party, but I completely forgot to post about her actual birthday, which was a blast! We took my dad to a hotel as he had to fly out really early in the morning the following day. We went out to dinner at some very random place that had everything to eat under the sun, seriously it was a weird place but yummy. The hotel had a pool, so we took advantage of that at went swimming. Alivia had a BLAST! She loves water!


Playing with Papa in the car on the way up to Denver!P1010539

She loves her Papa! P1010540

Telling secrets?! P1010541

So fun that my dad gets to visit as much as he does! P1010542

Upon entering the crazy dinner place! P1010543

Look a chip! P1010547

My cutie! P1010548

The boys waiting for dinner… we were all very hungry!P1010552

Me and my girl- Love her! P1010558

“OOOHHH” a birthday ice cream- she was so excited about this and took a total of 1 1/2 bites. Haha! P1010560

Blowing out her candle, which she loves to do! P1010561

Getting her excitement on! P1010564

Messy face!P1010566

Posing for the camera in her crazy little smile/eye shut/mouth full of ice cream pose! P1010567

Loving his toy! He did so good and stayed in his car seat the entire time we ate dinner…      P1010555 

Family swim time! Alivia LOVED it, but didn’t like the hot tub because it was “too hot”-makes sense. Nolan did not like the pool one bit, probably because it was too cold. He screamed when we put him in it, but he did love the cuddle time wrapped in a towel afterwards. P1010582