Personal 31 Changes (Yet Again)!

This was my February 31 E-Newsletter:
With the 31 spring catalog approaching, so are changes in 31 and my business. See what the exciting changes are below!
Current 31 Changes:
-          There will be 3 catalog changes this year instead of 2 (a spring, summer, and fall catalog)! If you would like a copy of the new and exciting spring catalog, please contact me today!

-          There are no more monthly hostess specials; instead, the 31 team has added 2 more hostess exclusive items (The leather medium purse with scarf and rolling making memories thermal).

-          The monthly customer special will remain!

-          Free booking bonus: If you host a party and then attend your friends parties that were booked at your party, you will receive a free Organizing Utility Tote along with free personalization just for attending her party (no purchase necessary)!
My business- At this season in my life, I have decided to place 31 low on my priority list. What that looks like:
-          I will still remain an independent consultant and will complete individual orders for those who just want a stand-alone retail order (not associated with a party).

-          I will have quarterly open houses for any current customers and guests where YOU can receive discounts, chances to win the opportunity to buy the half-off and hostess exclusive items, and shop the current 31 catalog!

-          I will book a party if you are interested in the awesome hostess benefits, but at this time I am not openly perusing a regular party schedule.
31 Events:
-          I have been asked to be a part of an in-home vendor event along with 5 other home businesses. If you are interested in more information or attending this event on February 11, please see the attached flyer for the details.
February Monthly Special:
-          For every $31 you spend, purchase an additional item at 31% off! Please visit the flyer for more details:

Nolan @ 4 1/2 Months!

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Celebrating My Mom!

Wow, we sure did have a lot going on in December! Along with celebrating Billie’s birthday, my mom too has a December birthday. We had a low key celebration for her at our house with dinner, opening gifts, and dessert- combined with our Christmas celebration with her (other pictures are included in my Christmas (part 2) blog entry.) We are thankful for my mom and her kindness and love. I am blessed to have such a caring mom and wonderful grammy to Alivia and Nolan.

Opening her birthday gifts…


We hope for many blessings on the upcoming year for her!

Billie’s 60th!

This past December, Ben’s mother celebrated her 60th birthday. We celebrated her with a dinner, games, and an enjoyable evening with family. Billie is a wonderful mother-in-law and grandma to Alivia and Nolan. We are blessed that we are able to spend time with her, and we are thankful for her generosity and kind heart. It is often that she invites us over for dinner and we are thrilled- not because we don’t have to worry about making dinner (although a positive)- but rather because we get to spend time with her.

Billie and Alivia!P1000965

Bringing out the cake!!  Yummy carrot cake from Marigolds!P1000967

Blowing out the candles!P1000968

Notice the kids helping- :)P1000970

Look who got a Kindle! P1000976

Her Lia Sophia earrings from us! P1000981

Nolan having fun at the party!P1000982P1000983

Nolan and her cousin JanelleP1000985

To many more wonderful years, Billie!

Christmas (part 3)

Our last Christmas celebration was on Christmas day. We opened Christmas gifts with my dad, enjoyed the day playing with toys & reading books, and relaxing!! Alivia is now officially a pro at opening gifts. She got lots of practice with the 3 Christmas celebrations. Alivia picked out her own outfit for Christmas day. I must say she did a fine job of matching!! I had a Christmas day dress planned, but she wasn't having it. Silly girl.

Nolan and Alivia!!P1010324P1010325P1010326P1010327P1010322 Our little man

My dad enjoying opening gifts! P1010328

P1010332 A gift from my dad to us!

Livie patently waiting to open more gifts!P1010329P1010330

She had to take out every.single.piece of tissue paper! :)P1010331P1010333

cutie P1010334P1010336P1010338P1010339

Nolan eating the tissue paper!P1010348

My dad opening his gift from Alivia and Nolan!P1010350

We had a really great time celebrating Christmas with my dad being in town. We are so glad he came here for the festivities!

More Christmas Pictures 2011!

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KITCHEN, play kitchen!!

We bought Alivia a play kitchen for her combined Christmas/birthday gift this year (we don’t plan on combining gifts when she gets older, but she doesn’t know the difference yet so we did it and she loves it)

Here’s Ben putting it together the Christmas Eve. It took a couple hours to put this together and my dad and I had to run to Wal-greens- and be among the other people who needed to still buy gifts for people- to purchase batteries (that we completely forgot about) for the electronic pieces. P1010293P1010294

Alivia figuring out what she gotIMG_1858

PURE happiness!IMG_1859IMG_1861

Playing Kitchen!! IMG_1862    IMG_1863 She loves it!! P1010297P1010298P1010299P1010300P1010301             P1010302P1010304             P1010305P1010306             P1010307P1010308P1010309P1010310P1010314

Her favorite saying for weeks now has been “play kitchen”! We are glad we could get her something that fosters creativity, independent play, and that she can enjoy so much! Here’s to many pretend cooking/baking dates and eating from Livie’s kitchen. :)