Happy Birthday Darling Alivia!!

Alivia’s an awesome 2 year old now!! We love her so much.


Rock n’ Roll Time!

We seem to have a daily music time in this house, and here Ben and Alivia are rocking it. Alivia loves using our guitar hero guitar while Ben plays on his! P1000930P1000932P1000931

Not so Thanksgiving Day!

Here are our Thanksgiving day pictures, however, I am sad to even call them that as we did not enjoy a Thanksgiving meal or time with family because Ben and I were sick on Thanksgiving eve and Thanksgiving day. It was so sad to have to tell Alivia that we couldn’t go play with her cousins or aunt or uncle or grandma(s). We made it through though with many explanations that we would have a party with our family again soon.  Alivia kept saying “Amy & Allan’s house.”

Here they are dressed for the occasion before we decided not to go due to the sickness. P1000896P1000897P1000899 “why can’t we go to Amy & Allan’s house?”

P1000901P1000902P1000907  Sporting his T-day onsie!P1000909P1000911  So stuffed! :) P1000913P1000914

Nolan listening to his daddy play guitar, he loves this!!

Nolan 3/4 Months Update


Well, Nolan is now 4 1/2 months old and he is so gosh darn cute. He is such a smiley little fellow and he just puts smiles on our faces daily. He is only usually a grumpy, grump at night time right before bed. We are kind of finding out his schedule… morning nap around 10:00/10:30ish, afternoon nap around 1:30/2:00ish, bedtime around 8:00ish. And, it just so happens to coordinate with Alivia’s nap and bedtime schedule. Makes this mama happy!


(@ 4 months) 13 pounds, 4 ounces and (about) 24 inches long

Nolan’s Loves:

- His giraffe: sophie! he can chomp, chew, suck, slobber on that thing like crazy

- White noise when sleeping

- Playing peek-a-boo

- Singing, he gives us huge smiles!

- Tickles

- Playing with toys that he can grab

- Sitting in his bumbo

- Listening to his daddy play the guitar

Nolan’s New things:

- Rolling over from his tummy to his back (just started a few days before Christmas at 4 months)

- Grabbing toys

- Sleeping in his crib during nap time… still working on the night time sleep

- Getting into a sleep pattern all by himself


Caught in Action!!

Alivia has become quite my little climber. I was on the computer (October 2011) for a few minutes and I heard Alivia quiet for a few moments and then burst into giggles, repeatedly saying “hands”. I went into her room to see what she was up to. She took off her clothes, climbed up onto the changing table, and opened the Vaseline. I found it all  over herself… we needed an afternoon bath that day. We don’t even use Vaseline but we had it in her room since she was a baby. We decided to move it into our bathroom, incase we want to use it someday.

I did have to discipline her for climbing on the changing table and getting into the Vaseline but it was really hard not to laugh at this one. I decided to take pictures because it made me smile. Just look at that face…


Chubby Cheeks!

So, I found these pictures on my disc from October that I totally had to post… Look at those cheeks!P1000643P1000644happy baby!!P1000645P1000648P1000652P1000653P1000654

Merry Christmas!

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And finally... Halloween Pictures!

1st time dressing up for Halloween party!

P1000724baby monkey boy!P1000726P1000730P1000733P1000734Alivia as a puppy!P1000739                  haha, who doesn’t love chocolate! Takes after her mama!


Just some fun in their Halloween gear

P1000746P1000747P1000749P1000767 SO CUTE!!P1000755P1000760P1000771P1000772She wanted to wear this shirt for days after Halloween, in fact it is still one of her favorites because it has a cat on it!!

2nd time dressing up for Halloween party and trick or treating!

P1000777 Our little pumpkin!P1000776P1000802             First time trick or treating…

P1000804P1000805         Tired from all the festivities!

We had fun going to a few Halloween parties and trick-or-treating at a couple of houses. We don’t plan on “celebrating” Halloween much but it was fun for the kids to dress up and fun for me to take pictures of them. Each year we will evaluate what we want to do for Halloween since there can be negatives to the holiday but for now we enjoy dressing up the kids. Simple as that!