Thankfulness: day 30!

I am thankful for... (among many more)
newborn babies, they just make my heart happy
smiles from strangers
a good book
tv shows that make me smile
relaxing after a long day
conversations that are more than just "how are you"
simple "how are you" conversations when I don't want the above conversation :)
random money found when needed
a great bargain
a new pair of good fitting jeans
chocolate chip cookies (what am I kidding myself, any chocolate really)
comfy clothes when I eat too many cookies and my good fitting jreans are now snug
being a wife to the man of my dreams (childhood dream)
being a stay-at-home mom (childhood dream)
dinner parties
making a new meal that turns out well
play dates... seeing Alivia smile, play, and be happy
phone dates with friends far away
having an awesome husband
my wonderful kiddos
answered prayers
unanswered prayers
cute little baby jeans (really cute little baby clothes)
a clean house (or even a clean room for that matter)
sweatshirt weather
a good meal
my family
my church family
God's provision

Thankfulness: day 29!

Thankful for freebies! Love them. I am a bargain girl at heart and so when I can score free things it makes my heart happy. couponing rocks and free is even better. Today's freebies included Free breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and a ton of 31 items for being a host. I got loads of fun stuff in the mail today! It was fun and I am thankful for it all! :) Christmas presents, me gifts, and 31 showcase items. Yeah! (I'll post a picture of all the free product I received for hosting my own party!! Maybe you'll want to too after you see my pile; just had to throw that in)

Thankfulness: day 28!

I am thankful for boldness and confindence, something I really lack in but have had bouts of lately. Praying for more of both in my life and less of having fear control me or my (non) actions.

Thankfulness: day 27!

I am thankful for a good piece of chocolate!! Tomorrow's mission: homemade chocolate chip cookies! drooling just thinking about them. ;)

Thankfulness: day 25 & day 26!

Well, as mentioned in my previous post Thankfulness: day 24!, I ended up getting what Ben got, some 24 hour flu-type bug. I am so thankful the kids didn't catch it and that they are still going strong without any hint of feeling icky. As I was sick, I was pondering how thankful I am for a cozy couch, a good little girl (and boy), and not being sick all the time. Alivia was such a good girl while Ben and I dealt with this awful little stomach bug. She watched Caillou, read many books, painted, and played on Ben's I-phone. I felt like a guilty parent with her watching so much TV, but it was honestly the only way we made it through the day. Let's just say that all 4 of us took a nap yesterday. We feel much better today as we actually went outside and didn't watch as much TV. :) Feeling sick is never fun, but being a parent and feeling sick is an another story. I am thankful that this was only a 24 hour bug!! And, again I am thankful for a healthy body! My praise goes to God!

We did have to miss our Thanksgiving meal and celebration this year due to this little nasty bug, but we got a lot of family time and a few dear family members (Ben's mom and aunt) brought us leftovers (despite our sickness) so we were able to at least have some of that good Thanksgiving food. And, after chatting with my dad on the phone, we decided we are going to have a Thanksgiving meal on Christmas since we missed it this year. :)

Celebrating 26!

Here are some pictures of my birthday celebration… finally getting them up after waking up and forgetting if I was 25 or 26! I didn’t know that happened at such a young age. I’m in for many years of forgetting how old I am if I am already starting at the age of 26. haha

My side of the family celebration: Yummy P.F. Changs and relaxing at our place…

mom, dad, hubby, and Alivia helping me celebrate…417pno gameshow rachel bday 090pno gameshow rachel bday 098Rachle nolanAlivia dancingalivia nolan spiers 10142011 062pno gameshow rachel bday 113419 opening gifts!!! pno gameshow rachel bday 123pno gameshow rachel bday 125pno gameshow rachel bday 132

Just being silly! pno gameshow rachel bday 151pno gameshow rachel bday 152

Ben’s side of the family celebration: Homemade chicken tacos and brownies + hanging out! P1000779P1000778Billie, Amy, Janelle, and Nolan helping me celebrate…P1000782P1000783Me and Lauren…P1000784P1000786P1000787P1000788Alivia wanted to help blow out the candles! P1000789P1000790P1000791 My pretty girl! P1000792P1000793P1000795P1000796P1000800P1000797P1000798P1000799

2 wonderful birthday celebrations… I am blessed!

Thankfulness: day 24!

Today is officially Thanksgiving and I am so thankful and so blessed! I am thankful for many, many things as I have been sharing each day this month. Today, I am thankful for our healthy family. Ben is feeling under the weather today. Bummer!! But, all in all we are a healthy family without much sickness or sick stories to tell of. I am thankful that we have insurance in case something does happen to us or one of us does need to go to the doctor. I am thankful for healthy, working limbs, lungs, heart, brain, body... so glad that I can take walks, breath normal, and live life without pain.

Thankfulness: day 23!

I'm thankful for comfy clothes after a long day. A hot Shower/bath, lotioned all up, pj's on, and book reading = a relaxing time. Hot water and relaxed, clean kids after a long day is just wonderful!

Thankfulness: day 22!

I am thankful for the little things in my life: small cat naps, random acts of kindness (a just because $5 treat from my mom), dinner invites from the family, etc! Sometimes it's just the little things that put a huge smile on your face! Here's to many more little things and smiles, so thankful!

Thankfulness: day 21!

I am thankful for the Moby Wrap and a cuddly, sweet baby!! There is just something so precious about a sleeping baby on your chest and what better than to have a sleeping baby and have your hands free. I can get stuff done around the house (cook, clean, read books to Alivia, take a walk... or carve a pumpkin) or I can just have rest my hands on his back but still not to carry him with my hands. I so wish I had one when Alivia was a baby, but am thankful I got one this time around. Love it!!

Thankfulness: day 20!

I am thankful for good conversation! I am not a deep thinker or maybe I am but I just don't like to think deeply. Hmmm, that's a deep thought I'll have to ponder! :) Anyways, I do love when Ben and I get into some more deeper conversations over are daily surface level talk. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind everyday chit-chat (in fact, I enjoy most talk with Ben) but every once in a while it's nice to go a bit further and have thought-provoking conversations. This usually happens after small group, as it did tonight! :)

Thankfulness: day 19!

I am thankful for quality time with Ben! Playing games and relaxing with him is just great!! Love him. :)

Thankfulness: day 18!

In all my craziness yesterday, I completely forgot to post my "thankfulness post", but I was definitely thankful yesterday for God's miracles. Some good friends of ours are having a baby after being told they had less than 1% of having one naturally. I am thankful for His perfect timing and miracles. Here are some facebook posts that put a smile on my face.

I will be eating for TWO this Thanksgiving :)

Two years ago, the doctors told us that we had less than 1% chance of ever having a baby naturally. God just showed us that he doesn't believe in statistics. This May, our house will be growing by two feet.

15 My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

We are giving all glory and honor to our Heavenly Father for giving a child to Kevin and Brittney in His perfect time. They were told they had less than 1% chance of ever conceiving naturally but God had other plans. They are expecting their first child in May, 2012. What a miracle from the Lord! We rejoice in the upcoming birth of our first grandc
Diana (Britt's mom)                                                                    

Never, ever give up on the power of PRAYER. Miracles happen every day in many ways you just have to be patient and watch for them. I know because this past September 17th (my birthday), I found out I was going to be a GRANDMA in May!! So now everyone knows why I said I had a fabulous birthday weekend. :)

Debbie (Kevin's mom) 
Psalm 139: 13-16
We are giving all glory and honor to our Heavenly Father for giving a child to Kevin and Brittney in His perfect timing. They were told they had less than 1% chance of ever conceiving naturally but God had other plans. They are expecting their first child in May, 2012. What a miracle from the Lord! We rejoice in the upcoming birth of our first grandchild!
And, this is what I wrote on facebook when I first found out they were having a baby and it was still in the "hush, hush" stage!
Shout out: This is for a gal I chatted with earlier today... Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His love endures forever. Thanking God for answered prayers and HIS timing! :)

Thankfulness: day 17!

I'm thankful for lots today:  Nolan's 3 months today, dinner with friends, good conversation, phone dates with old friends... It was a great day and now I am off to sleep with a smile on my face. 

Thankfulness: day 16!

I am beyond thankful for God's provision! There have been many times where I think to myself or tell Ben, "how are we going to make it or what are we going to do..." and each time without fail it all works out. Many times things don't work out on paper but they always seem to work out in "real life"! :) I often think of this one time 2 years ago when Ben and I were struggling a bit financially, and randomly we got a $200 check in the mail. Yes, it was a check, but it was anonymous because we couldn't read the signature and the check didn't have personal information on it. Amazing!! To this day, we have no clue who sent us that check, but we are grateful and thankful for that time and that blessing. Someone chose to bless us that year for Christmas and we are so thankful to God for providing for us. Even if we have moments of "how are we going to do this", I know there God is watching over us knowing that it will all work out according to His will. (And, I am a half-full glass kind of gal over a half-empty kind of gal, so when I am feeling particularly down or nervous about our financial situation, I always like to think of what we do have and how much we have compared to many other people. It helps)

Thankfulness: day 15!

My cuddle bugs!!

I am thankful for cuddling with my sweet little ones today... They grow so fast and I love to hug and love on Alivia and Nolan. Before I know it, they will think it is embarrassing to give them a hug in public. So today I am thankful that my little Alivia will randomly come up to me with puckered lips and give me a kiss and than I can snuggle Nolan while his sleeping! :)

Thankfulness: day 14!

"Milkshake" at the Rockrimmon Toddler Time!

Bubbles at Old Colorado City Toddler Time

Bubble fun at Old Colorado City Toddler Time

I love the library! It's such a great, free service, so today I am thankful for the library and other free, fun, educational services for me and the family. We usually go to the library at least once a week, if not more frequently. Alivia really enjoys toddler time, and I love getting out of the house knowing I can take her somewhere that she really enjoys and that is cost-friendly. We check out so many books, Alivia is my book worm. We meet friends and have play-dates, we meet new people, potential new friends, and we enjoy checking out books to read there and take home! Fun times. I am thankful!

October Zoo Fun!

Alivia excited to go to the zoo!286 287      Nervously loving the giraffes… 288289 Nolan’s take on the zoo! 290291292295

Look at her style, makes me laugh!!293297

Look at how tiny she is next to the lion! 298299300305 Love!                      

Watching the otters 307

308 Happy girl!

Loves the otters!309

She saw another little girl on her daddy’s shoulders and wanted to copy her, so we did! 310311312

Alivia hearts the zoo!! (And, I get a great workout in too: win, win!)