Daddy’s Little Girl!!


Taken at our church picnic!

Alivia’s (Much Needed & Official) Update!

P1000063P1000148Alivia 18 monthsP1000162Alivia 18 months (2)P1000293P1000266P1020101P1000302P1000357

I haven't done one of my lists on Alivia in a while so this update covers the past few months...

Alivia's Stats:

20 pounds, 4 ounces, 31inches long (September 28, 2011)

Alivia's Loves:

- Bubbles (and she has to blow them)

- Any type of water activity (bath time, pool time, splashing water in the sink...)

- Animals (seriously, she loves animals)

- The zoo (happy time, ^ since she has that love for animals)

- Her baby brother Nolan (she gives him kisses on the forehead, cute little snuggly hugs, helps me burp him after he is fed, and helps me pick out his clothes or grab a diaper for me. my big helper)

- Purses (good think I sell bags... she is such a girly, girl)

- Putting things in bags and taking them out (ok this makes me laugh... she puts things in bags/purses and walks away from me with it on her shoulder saying "bye, bye". um, yeah, cuteness)

- Playing with her baby doll (changing her diaper, burping her, pushing her in her stroller, feeding her with her play bottle. her baby is a girl, but her name is Nolan!)

- Reading (she has so many favorite books. we spend a large part of our day reading, either Ben or I read to her or she just looks at books herself)

- The Library (loves toddler time with friends Mike and Aida)

- The TV (this love just developed recently. she likes to watch "t" in the afternoon before daddy comes home or in the morning in our bed on ben's i-phone. i am really determined that we don’t let her watch too much TV though)

- Daddy's phone (this is an addiction really... she can't get enough of "daddy's tone". she is starting to have tantrums if we tell her "no" and she doesn't get to play with it... working on that!! i think she knows how to use his phone better than me)

- The park (what kid doesn't love the park?!?)

- Outside (she hearts being outside, it's one of those go-to things if were having a bad moment/day.)

- Driving or pretending to drive mama's car (She can spend so much time in my car... it’s nice when i have to take the groceries up to the kitchen. i just shut my door and let her "drive" away.)

- Taking rides in daddy's car (with the window down. she loves the wind in her face)

- Chipotle and Moo Moo place, Chick-fil-a (she knows what they look like if we drive by either place and she will shout out “potle” or “moo moo”.)

- Costco (yes, she asks to go to Costco)

- Her friends: Amanda, Jo, GG, Grammy, Papa, Aida, Mike, Amy along with others (she calls her friends on her little Barbie phone or asks to play with them at their house)

- Treats (yep, she has a sweet tooth just like her mama. she loves ice cream, chocolate covered raisins, sorbet or fruit popsicles)

Alivia' New Things:

- She is slowly becoming more and more of a daddy's girl and it is so cute. When Ben is at work she says "daddy, home" and I have to explain that he is actually at work but will be home soon. As of late, she has been saying she wants to do everything with daddy. :)

- At 18 months, Alivia transitioned into a toddler bed. One of the members at Ben’s course gave us one and as soon as we got it in her room, she was ready to try it out. She transitioned beautifully with hardly any trouble, sleeping through the night and taking her naps (until recently).

- For the past couple of weeks, Livie doesn't believe in taking naps. She has given up afternoon naps most days. I am working on implementing a quiet time for days she chooses not to sleep. She doesn't really get the concept... playing alone in her room. She keeps coming out and showing me a book, or wanting to give Nolan a blanket, or just wanting to tell me something. haha, it could take a while.

- We started the potty training process at 18 months and Alivia is slowly in the process of potty training, but we took a break once Nolan was born. We plan to start full force when Ben is on unemployment. We are going to try the potty training in 3 day method. We shall see how it pans out in a month or so.

- She has really bloomed with her talking. She tries to repeat everything we ask her to say. Alivia now talks in 2 to 3 word "sentences". It is so darling to hear her talk and to communicate with her. There are times that I have to really listen to understand what she is saying but for the most part, I can understand her.

- Alivia has new teeth popping in (front sides on bottom)

Nolan is 1 Month Old!


Wow, I would say “I can’t believe it, he is 1 month old already. How did this happen!!” But, I know how it happened, babies grow oh so fast and it seems with the snap of your finger they are changing. Well, I can believe he is a month old, but I will always wonder how it went by so fast 0r seemed to go by so fast. With each passing day, I love this little guy more and more. Amazing!

Sticking with tradition, I plan on writing Nolan’s loves and new things down each month as I have done for Alivia for her 1st year.


- 8 pounds, 15 ounces, 21 1/4 inches long

Nolan’s Loves (pretty simple at this age):

- Sleeping (a lot)

He has been known to sleep 5 hour increments at night!! That’s pretty good, I’d have to say!

- Eating (like a champ)

At Nolan’s 1 month checkup he was 8 pounds 15 ounces, that’s almost 9 pounds! He grew a whopping 2 pounds in 1 month from his birth weight at 6 pounds 14 ounces. He is my little eater!

- Being held (and snuggling chest to chest)

What a sweet little guy he is! I love holding him so I don’t mind that this is one of his loves. When we put him down and he just wants to be held, he makes the sweetest pouty face.

- His paci (is his friend)

I didn’t realize how much the pacifier can be helpful. Alivia never took one, so I didn’t know that in certain situations (i.e. car rides, dinner time, and quick errands where I can’t feed him right away) the paci is a cry-saver!!

- Looking at his mama and dada (when being held)

He just concentrates so much on us! It’s like he is thinking so hard and you can tell with his wise eyes. I think he is going to be a deep-thinker!

Nolan’s New Things (not a whole lot right now):

- He actually flipped from his stomach to his back (at 6 weeks) but I think it was a fluke as he hasn’t done it again.

- He is really, really trying to talk to us… I can see that he is trying to coo when we talk to him


Picture Frame Worthy!

Looks like I need to buy some more picture frames. Just love these recent pictures…


A Bug’s Life…!

or in this case, a poor bug’s life. Alivia is so sweet and loves all animals and bugs. We found a ladybug and as much as she tried to be gentle with it, I’m pretty sure it was the bug’s last day of life…

P1000313P1000321   P1000312  P1000314    P1000319  Focusing on the little ladybug!P1000318

Look how excited she is here; I think this is where she squashed the little guy…P1000315

Ben’s 2011 Birthday

For Ben’s birthday this year, we went out to eat to celebrate, he opened his gifts (picture below), and we went to the grand opening of a new coffee place on got free drinks. We then had a family birthday bash a couple days later where we enjoyed pizza and family time.

Ben’s birthday’s gifts: Alivia and I made cookies for Ben while he was at work. Nolan and Alivia gave him an I-Tunes gift card (to buy songs for his phone) and a 7-11  gift card (favorite Coffee place) that we put in the 7-11 cup. Alivia drew him a picture on this neat magic paper I found for super cheat- discounted to $2.50 from $10.00!P1000279

Alivia has a crazy attachment to “daddy’s phone”! She loves his I-phone and can spend minutes on it. Look at her focus! P1000280

Happy Birthday Ben!!P1000286

Oh, how silly are these two…P1000296

One of my absolute favorite picture of these two!! P1000300

Ben and his little boy! P1000304

Us with Mr.NolanP1000308

*Happy Birthday to you, my dear husband. We all love you so very much and look forward to many more years of celebrating you!!*

And , here is Ben celebrating his birthday with the Spiers’ Family a couple of days after his actual birthday. These are of him blowing out all of his candles with Alivia’s help on his birthday pie (He requested Apple Pie for his birthday dessert)!


We are Thankful!

I ordered this card for free to put on our fridge during the fall months!! The verse on the card is Psalm 107:1-
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.