Two Weeks Old!

WOW!! I have a 2 week old already. He is such a good baby! He is so mellow and good-natured. Seriously, the only time we have heard him cry is when he is hungry and he stops as soon as I nurse him. Nolan is a fabulous eater! He is gaining weight like crazy, he was back to his birth weight in less than a week (from leaving the hospital). He eats about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day and about every 4 hours or so during the night time. I have been waking up 1 to 2 times at night to feed him and he falls back to sleep quickly after each feeding. (Yes, I am lucky) He is already on his own little schedule (for right now that is, I've learned babies can change schedules on you easily, or at least Alivia did... always when I was getting used to it too.) He is awake when Ben gets home from work about 7:15ish until 9:00ish (or later) then sleeps til 1:00 or 2:00ish for his first feeding. He has done this for about a week, so I'm thinking he will continue this pattern for a while more or at least I hope so. We are part-time co-sleeping, depending on how I feel when he wakes up for a feeding. The last few nights even though he has slept great, I have not. So, Nolan starts out in the bassinet and then ends up sleeping with us for the remainder of the night after his first feeding. He is starting to have more wake time and is such a serious little man! It seems as though he concentrates so hard as to what people are saying. He's a keeper! haha :)

The Loves of my Life!

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Bike Time!

Alivia has always loved the outdoors! Here is her new toy, thanks to Grandma Spiers. She enjoys her "bite"!
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First Braids!

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Time Flies with Mr. Ducky!

Aliva loves water! I love that she loves water. My mom gave us this duck toy a while back to use in the bathtub, but I found another purpose for it. It's a very mini pool for her to use on the porch. She loves it and I enjoy watching her play with her water toys and get a little vitamin D! This has been a great thing since having Nolan. When Nolan takes a nap we just fill up Mr. Ducky and play away! :)
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Alivia and Nolan became instant buddies. When we came home from the hospital, Alivia went up to Nolan and said "hi baby" and gave him kisses on the forehead. She now can say his name "No Lan" and says "hi baby" or "hi Nolan"! Cuteness. I love to watch the interaction (or really Alivia's interaction with Nolan, he's not too active yet) between them and look forward to watching there relationship grow. :)


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Our precious little man!!
Pictures from his first few days.

Touched with Love!

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This is happy!

Nolan's 1st few hours; our 1st photo with our son! Oh, happy day!
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My Wonderful/Crazy Adventure of Bringing Nolan into the World!! (Part 2)

Nolan's Birth Story!
(The very detailed version)

It was the weekend of August 13th and I began to wonder when Baby Spiers #2 (still no name) was going to make his grand appearance. I really thought I was going to go late, but he had other plans. Plans that were perfect, plans designed by God. My doctor stated that if I went to Friday, August 19th (My guess date was Saturday, August 20th) that she wanted to start discussing the idea of induction. No thank you! I am a firm believer in that babies come when they are ready and mom's don't need to be induced unless medically necessary. She also wanted to recheck my scar tissue to make sure she was comfortable letting me labor. God knew my heart and how I really didn't want to go to that Friday appointment.

So I started having irregular contractions over the weekend and didn't think much of it except that I was ready to meet this baby. I made plans for the week anticipating I would still be pregnant. I had to cancel the plans and was by all means okay with doing so. Regular contractions started Monday night and awoke me from my sleep. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night. Ben went to work as usual leaving me and Alivia to play, but I didn't feel much like playing. I was dealing with these contractions that I didn't experience when pregnant with Alivia. My mom, who has an odd work schedule (which I am beyond grateful for) came over to play with Alivia, while I worked on dealing with the contractions. I slept/rested (sort of) on and off all day. Ben came home around 7:15 and we ate dinner, which somehow I mustered up enough strength to make. It was an easy dish though, pasta, so I'm not going to take much credit. Ben started to track my contractions on his cool I-phone app and it seemed to be that I was progressing as my contractions were getting closer and longer. My mom left to go home and get some items to stay the night. We put Alivia down for bed and talked about how this could be the last night of just the three of us. Around 10:00 p.m. my mom returned and we left for the hospital wondering if we were going too early or if it was just the right time to go in.

At the hospital, I found that I was indeed in early labor and was dilated at a 4cm. The nurse told me that I needed to walk the halls for an hour to see if I would progress before being admitted to the hospital. So, that's what I did. I walked up and down those halls and felt those contractions increase in intensity and length. I did not enjoy walking in those bright lit hall-ways with random people looking my way. I was completely vulnerable and it was not the highlight of my birthing process. After an hour at about 11:30ish, I was rechecked and progressed to a 5cm. I was admitted after that into a room where I had to be monitored the entire time since I was trying for a VBAC. I hated being attached to the machines for the rest of my laboring process. It made it hard to find positions that worked for me. Luckily, I found a few positions and I was able to get into the zone as much as I could. My goal was to have a natural birth.

Things turned for me once I was admitted to the hospital. I progressed to a 6-6 1/2cm and stalled. My contractions were getting stronger and longer and harder. I felt that my progress was in full swing but when I would get checked to see if I had progressed, I was at the same dilation. It was frustrating and hard. My doctor suggested that she brake my bag of waters to get things going. Ben and I discussed this and decided to wait to see if it would happen naturally. My doctor didn't really agree with our decision, but we decided to give it an hour and then return to the subject. After she left, I went to the bathroom and prayed to God for guidance on what to do. I just didn't know, trust the doctor or trust our instincts. God helped us out; I had a really intense contraction and my water broke on its own after midnight sometime. We were excited that this happened and thankful for the quick answered prayer. What an amazing thing to experience. I was sure this was going to send me into active labor.

After being stalled at a 6-6 1/2cm for over 7 hours, we found out that baby Spiers was posterior.  I was experiencing some really intense back labor. It was so hard for me to relax! With every contraction, instead of relaxing, I would tense my entire body. I was not focused on getting through each contraction, my mind was focused on the pain. I tried so hard to get back in the zone, but my contractions were coming intense and close. If baby Spiers wasn't posterior, I would have probably been advanced and close to push. I was having contractions that were off the chart without much break time. After about 30 hours of laboring and being up for that long, I started debating an epidural. I kept saying to Ben, "I'm sorry, I can't do it" and "I feel like such a failure" but Ben supported me. At first, he tried his best to make me re-think the decision, but he finally realized that I was not in the best shape to keep laboring naturally. I was not relaxed, I was stalled and could not progress, I was tired. I had the best nurse ever who helped me get through the final hour of laboring before I finally decided to get the epidural. I decide that I was headed down the road to having another c-section if I didn't progress and I needed to relax in order to progress and have baby Spiers turn to the correct position.

I decided to get the epidural at around 10:00ish a.m. on Wednesday morning. I must say I am still an advocate for natural birth, but I felt it was necessary for me to get an epidural in order to achieve my ultimate goal; a VBAC. After receiving an epidural, both Ben and I took a nap. It is amazing to me that I was able to take a nap during the most intense part of labor. My doctor suggested a small amount of pitocin in order to advance to full dilation. I agreed as long as it was not a huge amount as I knew that too many interventions decreases the odds of having a successful VBAC and false contractions can increase the odds of a uterine rupture. They ended up only having to give me 1 drop of pitocin for 2 hours, which is a very low amount. I was fully dilated and ready to push by 3:00ish p.m. And, baby Spiers turned to the correct position. Baby Spiers gave us a few worries as his heart rate would dip with my contractions. At two different times, I had several nurses in our room and the doctor on the phone. One time, his heart rate dipped for over 9 minutes, another was 6 minutes. Each time I saw the worried look on the nurses faces, and I prayed with all my heart that this baby was okay and I could have a chance for a vaginal birth. Both times, right as there was decision to be made, his heart rate would go back to normal. So thankful!!

My doctor was doing clinic hours and didn't get to the hospital until 5:00ish p.m. At that time, I was ready to go. I had been fully dilated and ready to push for a couple of hours at that point (poor little man). I felt the urge to push for quite some time and was super excited to see my doctor. I pushed for about 30 minutes. My doctor completed an episoitomy on me because she was worried about baby Spiers and wanted to get him out fast. I was pushing great and probably could have done it without the episoitomy (at least I think so), but I trust her reasoning. She told me it was her first episoitomy in five years and in that case I know she really had a good reason in doing it. My final push was a thrill and to have him laying on my belly was such a beautiful feeling. I was so happy and amazed in the childbirth experience and so thankful that Baby Spiers was healthy! He was born at 5:28 p.m. weighing in at 6 pounds, 14 inches and a good 19 1/2 inches long.

I am so very thankful for the opportunity to experience a VBAC. I am thankful to my friends and family for the prayers throughout my pregnancy and laboring time. I am blessed by God for his answer to this prayer. We decided after a long, long discussion (over many months) to name our little man Nolan Ethan Spiers. Nolan means champion and Ethan means strength. He is our strong champion and made it through the hard work of birth. And, we know he will be a strong champion in whatever he does as he gets older throughout life. :) We are looking forward to being his parents and experiencing the love of having a son. God is so good!!

My Wonderful/Crazy Adventure of Bringing Nolan into the World!! (Part 1)

Nolan's Birth Story
(the short version)
- Started irregular contractions the weekend of August 13th.
- Regular contractions began on Monday, August 15th.
- Awesome, strong contractions all day Tuesday, August 16th.
- Went into the hospital Tuesday night with a dilation of 4cm.
- Admitted after an hour of walking the halls and change in dilation to 5cm.
- Water broke naturally after being admitted.
- Labored all night, stalled at 6cm for about 7 hours or so.
- Felt awful, awful back labor as Baby Nolan was positioned posterior.
- Finally decided to get an epidural to see if things would progress after going "natural" for over 30 hours.
- Took a nap after epidural.
- Progressed with a small amount of pitocin within a few hours.
- Ready to push, push, push = hard work!
- Had Nolan at 5:28 p.m.



I am so so very blessed to be a mom of 2!! I love it and I love Nolan so much already!! Alivia and Nolan rock!!

With saying that, I really don't love the pain that accompanies giving birth (what woman does). The birthing aspect is a miracle, after the birth is a pain. Beside being on a high from having a little one, I am in lots of pain down below. I have been meditating on these verses to help me get through the pain when I feel like it is really bad.

Ecclesiastes 3:1
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.
(I know the pain will go away with time, I just need to take it one day at a time!!)

Exodus 15:2 The LORD is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.
(God is my strength!!)


Nolan Ethan Spiers
August 17, 2011
5:28 p.m.
6 pounds 14 ounces
19 1/2 inches long

Today, I am!

Today I am:
Wishing: ... Ben was home RIGHT now so we can start our family time. Ben has tonight and all day off tomorrow, very unusual
Reading: ...Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and the Bible
Watching: ...HGTV, can't get enough of the design shows
Craving: ...Pizza and Yoyogurt or a plain ol' cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate milkshake (I know, I know- not healthy)
Loving: ...God's Blessings, my family and friends, my life as a stay at home wife and mom, my health, and being self-employed with Thirty-One and creating my own hours
Thinking: ...about the future and when this baby will arrive and how the transition will be
Praying: ...for a safe and natural delivery of Baby Spiers #2 and that the transition of our growing family goes smoothly, Ben's work, and my family

My 31 Journey!

My journey with 31 has been a roller-coaster to say the least, but I have learned a lot. :) I am excited to say that I have let the past go and started a new with the company. I took a much needed break, continued training, and just started doing parties in May even though I signed up in January of this this year. I love the company and products and I am really, really glad I kept with it. I definitely have boosted my confidence in a couple of areas: talking in front of people and asking for help!! Sometimes I have to ask people to watch Alivia, which is usually quite hard for me to do. However, I have no other option if I want to do a party and Ben is working. I still have a lot to work on and a lot to learn in my role with 31 (as a direct sell business), but I am so happy that I am continuing on this journey. Here's to the future with 31, whatever it may hold. However God wants to use this opportunity in my life, I pray that I will accept it!!

Baby Appointment!

Baby Spiers #2 is still head down. I had an appointment today and decided to get "checked" only to make sure that he didn't flip on me like Alivia did. I am 1 centemeter dialated but that doesn't mean much to me. I could go into labor tomorrow or in 2 weeks. Either way, we are getting excited and ready to meet Baby Spiers #2. The only thing that we are not sure of is his name... Names have been challenging this round. Wish us luck with the naming process! :)

Love This Girl!

  ... and her cheesiness!
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Pool Fun!

My mom works at Villa Sports Club and she took us on a little field trip that did Alivia's heart good! :) She loves the pool and enjoys her grammy!
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Splish Splash!

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 She's my little beauty!

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Beautiful Night!

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Playing Outdoors!

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What's not fun about playing outdoors!! Alivia enjoying the green open field of a golf course at Aubrie and Randy's wedding celebration!

The Little Things!

Alivia reminds me of the little things (that I often forget about) like stopping to smell the flowers on a beautiful breezy night. It's so easy to forget how wonderful the little things in life are. God created so much beauty and my Alivia found a piece of beauty in smelling flowers at Aubrie and Randy's wedding celebration!
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Aubrie & Randy's Wedding!

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4 Years!

Our 4 year anniversary was on Friday, August 4th, 2011!! I can't believe we've been married for 4 years, 4 wonderful years. Here's to many more.
We celebrated at Champs Sports Bar for a delicious meal and then went to YoYogurt for dessert. We had a fantastic time together and alone without Alivia (last time for awhile, since Baby Spiers #2 is soon to make his arrival) and had a very great conversation reminiscing about our years together and discussing how blessed we are that God gave us our life together! So thankful.