Busy Time!

Here is my schedule for the next couple of weeks: This is really only night time activities too... craziness
Friday, July 29- 31 Party
Saturday, July 30- My baby Shower
Sunday, July 31- Small Group Cook Out
Monday, August 1- 31 Celebrate and Connect Meeting
Wednesday, August 3- 31 Party
Friday, August 5- 4 Year Anniversary! Chocolate Fondue and reminiscing old memories awaits! Yeah
Saturday, August 6- Anniversary Celebration continued... were thinking a movie
Tuesday, August 9- Kloee's Fixin' Appointment
Saturday, August 20- Official day Baby Spiers' #2 is due, but he can come any day now!!!!

Big Girl Bed!!

Yep, Alivia transitioned into a toddler bed. Someone from Ben's work (a client) offered us a free toddler bed, so we decided to try it sooner over later. She has done quite well. In the past two days, she has only got up from her bed once when she needed to sleep, but I brought her back to her room and explained to her it was nap time and she took a nap. She now gets out of bed when she is done with her nap, but I don't mind... as long as she gets a good nap in! Such a big girl! I love that the transition was so easy. She loves her big bed. It's cute!!

Baby Spiers #2 Update!

After going to the much anticipated doctor's appointment today, I discovered with an ultrasound that Baby Spiers #2 is indeed head down. He is in great position!! I was so excited and emotional over this news that I almost cried. I had somehow convinced myself that he was not head down because Alivia was breech. Actually statistics are low in this area, only 3% to 4% of babies are actually breech as the weight of the head allows the baby to turn. God designed a good plan and babies usually know what to do!! I was just apprehensive that it could happen to me again because of what a chiropractor had said to me. He told me that he thought I was to have a breech baby because of the way my body/back are. That comment has put fear in my head and now I need to release any negative thoughts pertaining labor and delivery. I know that this baby is in good position, and I need to have positive thoughts pertaining this future labor and birth. I am so thankful to God for allowing this baby to be head down. I know it doesn't officially determine that I will have a vaginal birth, but it is a great start. I still continually pray that I have a chance to have a VBAC. .

The other factor to having a VBAC is dependent on my scar tissue. My scar needs to be thick and strong enough to withstand a vaginal birth. There are risks to a VBAC, but I think the positives out weight the potential risks. Overall, it is considered safer to do a VBAC but many people are uniformed or doctors/insurance companies don't allow for it because the of the risks (uterine scar breakdown or uterine rupture happens in 0.5% to 1% of women, along with other risks) are too costly. So far, my scar is thick and strong enough to undergo a vaginal labor and delivery! By the way, it is amazing that ultrasound technitions can tell these things in an ultrasound... Amazing!

VBACs are successful 60% to 80% of the time, and I truly hope I fall into that category.

Baby boy is 5 pounds, 11 ounces right now. I think he could be bigger than Alivia! We shall see...

Statictis from ICAN- a great resource: http://www.ican-online.org/

Indpendence Day 2011!

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This year, my dad joined us in the 4th of July celebration. We enjoyed a bbq at Ben's aunt Jo's house, then we headed over to the Kissing Camels annual fireworks show. Alivia stayed up until about 10:00 p.m. and did great! When the fireworks first started, she was happy and amazed, but after the first round, she became scared and needed her daddy! So cute. She just put her head on his shoulder and watched the fireworks in amazement. They were loud, colorful, and vibrant!! Alivia now says "boom, boom" for fireworks. :) All in all, it was a great day of celebrating the USA and enjoying family time! 

"Pink" is My Favorite Color!

Me: Alivia, what is your favorite color
 Alivia: Pi (aka, Pink)

I didn't even teach her to say that (I may be a bit biased though)! She's making mama proud. haha


I have the strangest, saddest feeling right now that Baby Spiers #2 is not head down. I am down right now on the fact that this baby may not be head down. Little one, please turn to the correct position if you are not already there!!! Make your mama happy! :) I find out officially his positioning on Monday, and I am praying for good news because this little guy is going to make his appearance soon and I want to deliver naturally... PRAYING FOR A VBAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alivia Went Potty on the Toilet!

On July 3, 2011 Alivia went pee in the toilet and on July 4th, 2011 she went poo poo in the toilet! Good girl, big girl!! Awesome. We are not being completely consistent with it as we still think she is young (18 months), but we are taking her anytime she has interested or tells us she needs to do her business. Yesterday, while giving her a bath, she pooped in the bathroom. She tried telling me but I was on the phone for a minute and didn't get to her fast enough to transfer her to the toilet. She looked at me with a sad face and said "no no" at the poop in the bathtub and then pointed to the toilet. She was quite sad that it was in the bathtub and not in the toilet. Smart girl! I can't believe I have a wee one that is old enough to start potty training. Time flies! :)

Alivia is a "Big Girl"!

Wow, I no longer have a baby in the house... I have been waiting to write this blog because I am a little sentimental about the subject. Alivia is no longer nursing- she nursed for 17 months!! Ben and I decided that it would be best not to co-nurse with Baby Spiers #2 on the way. We didn't want Alivia to be jealous of the baby. She still asks for "milk" sometimes but I have been answering with, "we have to save the milk for the baby!" I then ask her where the baby is and she points to my belly! :) I loved breastfeeding. It was such an amazing bond!!! It was sad in a way to stop, but I know that Alivia got what she needed and in a way she weened herself as much as I helped her ween! She asked for "milk" a lot at first but I would just tell her "no, it's for the baby." Slowly, she started to ask less and less. She only asks every once in a while now and some days she doesn't even mention it. It's been about a month now and even though I loved breastfeeding, I am thankful for a little break before the next baby comes!

On another note, Alivia asked to use the potty today. She went right up to the toilet and said "pee pee!" How exciting. She didn't go, but she tried! She even tried to wipe and flush the toilet! haha. So cute. Looks like we are starting the potty training process soon!!