Sleepy Girl!

Today I have had a lot of time on my hands, but I didn't plan on it so I don't know what to do. Alivia slept in til 8:00ish, that hasn't happened for months!! And, she is going on a 2 1/2 hour nap-also a rare occasion. Usually during Alivia's naps I try to get one cleaning task completed, prep for dinner, and do some 31 work. Today, I have done my meal planning for next week, searched coupons, cleaned all the dishes, read the Bible, and looked over my email and facebook (just for fun). I didn't prep for dinner tonight because I am doing a frozen meal. Alivia is still sleeping as I type. I don't know if I should start another task or just relax... I think I will relax! It's a nice little change to our normal schedule. I hope it doesn't ruin our bedtime routine. :)

Chris' Farewell Pictures

Here are a few pictures (thanks to my dad) from the last weekend Chris was in Colorado Springs before he left for Israel!

And here are some random pictures from the same trip with my dad visiting for Chris' farewell (again, thanks to my dad)

All By Herself!

Alivia is getting to be so independent!!! Yes, she still wants her mama and dada most of the time, but there are some things that she just prefers to do on her own. This morning she ate her cereal all by herself and she didn't even make that big of a mess! She is so cute when she eats by herself. She opens her mouth super big and shoves the spoon (or fork) in her mouth. haha. I love her! She is getting big. And, she is finally eating pretty good at most meals (for about 2 weeks now... before she would pick 2 meals and eat ok and not touch a thing at 1 meal)! I think she could be growing, maybe someday she will hit 20 pounds. :)


Just had to officially record that I am done watching other people's kiddos for right now in my life. We have been super blessed with the two opportunities and it has majorly helped with finances, especially in the winter time... But, with saying that, there couldn't be a better time. At 27 weeks pregnant, I am getting more and more tired and it is so nice just to watch Alivia! :) Alivia and I have had two fun-filled, really packed-full days without other kids around. I am looking forward to the summer and the many activities we will enjoy together. I am so thankful that I will have some one-on-one quality time with Alivia before Baby Spiers #2 arrives. :) Loving life!

Farewell Chris!

My brother left the country yesterday to start his new journey and adventure in Isreal. His girlfriend Ortal has been eagerly waiting for about a year for him to make the move. Chris is going to be taking a class to learn Hebrew, looking for a job, traveling, and enjoying his time with Ortal and new friends. :) We wish him good luck and lots of fun on this amazing new journey. Chris will be missed here in Colorado- we will have to learn to skype here in the Spiers' house to keep in contact with him. :) Alivia loves her uncle Chris, and cried when he left for the airport. We now have to look at pictures of quite of few family members, so Alivia will remember them. People keep moving away from us!