Boy oh Boy!

We found out what were having and it's a BOY! We are beyond excited and thrilled, and we are so thankful for another wonderful blessing! Alivia will be a great big sister to her little brother in 4 months (More or Less) and counting...

(Pictures to come, camera is still broken...)

PGA Star in the House!

Ben officially passed his level 2 checkpoint, so we have a level 3'er in the house. His goal is to be done with the PGA program by the end of 2011. That sounds crazy and awesome and amazing!! I am so proud of him for passing level 2! It was a very big achievement and now he is almost done with the program. Here's to level 3 and almost being done with the program: making him a licenced PGA professional! :)

The Anticipation...!

Anticipating Ben getting home: Ben has been out of town for a week now and I have been flying solo with Alivia. Things have been great for the most part. We had a few bumps in the road, but nothing I couldn't handle. We pretty much lived off mac & cheese for dinner. :) We don't usually eat it a lot when Ben is home, but it was something that was easy, Alivia enjoyed, and can I just say easy again! :)

Anticipating finding out the gender of Baby Spiers #2: I had my 20 week (well, 22 week) ultrasound today and Baby Spiers #2 is healthy, healthy!! Right now he/she is in the 60% for weight at 1 pound 1 ounce- that's tiny! Heartbeat was great, placenta looked awesome, all fingers and toes present and darling! Ben and I decided not to find out until he got home, which is really hard to do, but we wanted to find out together. We tossed around the idea of doing the cake show, which is where you have a baker put blue or pink frosting in the middle of the cake so when you cut the cake, the color/gender is revealed! Such a fun and cute idea, but I called around and couldn't find a place that could make a small enough, cheap enough, fast enough cake. The cakes were either entirely too big for just Ben and me, cost way too much, or couldn't be done in day. So... downstairs I have in an envelope revealing the gender of our precious baby, and we will open it together tomorrow!!! I am so excited to find out. I had to leave the envelope downstairs so I would not be tempted to open it while Ben is out of town. :)

Anticipating the Just Between Friends Sale: I love this consignment sale. I have gone the last 2 times they have been here in town, and I have picked up some pretty awesome, cheap baby and maternity items! I want a few more maternity items and possibly some baby things, especially if Baby Spiers #2 is a boy. In fact, if it is a boy, I will have to limit myself! :) I love going the last day of the sale because items that are already pretty cheap can even be cheaper if they have the 50% of tag. Love it!

Well, lots to look forward to this weekend. :) I'm excited!!!

Half-Way Done & Half-Way To Go!

Baby Spiers #2 size of a Cantaloupe…



A Visit From Papa!

We had a great time, as always, with a visit from my dad. He came out “just because” and it was wonderful! We love spending time with him and glad he can make trips out to see us every couple of months. Alivia loves her “papa” and will sometimes ask for him. In fact when Layla’s papa comes to pick her up in the afternoon, she kind of gets confused. She gets all excited and says “papa, papa,” but becomes sad with a confused look on her face when she notices it’s not her “papa”! Thanks for the visit and watching Alivia while we went to the Dave Ramsey Conference.

She loved bubble time!!