Prego @ 18 Weeks!

Baby Spiers #2 size of a sweet potato!

What a Blessing!

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Prego Food Update!

Okay so I have been trying to be better about what I eat with this little precious miracle growing in me!!! I remember that I loved and craved smoothies with Alivia, so I am starting that again. Tonight's ingredients included: fresh strawberries, banana, organic vanilla yogurt, spinach, a spoonful of sunflower oil, and a smidge of apple juice. I love to come up with different combos based on what I have in the fridge and freezer. Tonight I didn't feel like dealing with frozen fruit, so I just went with the fresh ingredients. Loving it!!! I do feel much better about this sweet, yummy treat than a chocolate milkshake or other sweet treat. I also use the magic bullet and it makes for a fast smoothie and easy clean up (I recommend it).

Confession: I did indulge in a brownie at a friend's house after lunch, but slowly I am getting better at saying "no" to chocolate. :)

Chocolate Banana Shake!

Yep, I craved that tonight. :) I had a shake the other day from CY's, a hamburger joint in town and ever since I have had this intense craving for chocolate shakes. I just decided to add the banana to kind of feel healthy. I remember my eating/drinking habits when I was pregnant with Alivia, and I focused on eating healthy and trying my best to limit sweets. I can't do it with this baby... I have been craving weird things and my eating habits have been lacking. I also have been having trouble drinking enough water. I have been trying to eat better and drink more... Each day I try to eat better and some days I have good days while other days... are not so great. At least I am taking a prenatal pill. This kid is going to like carbs, sweets, and all kinds of fruit. I'm working eating on more vegetables and there is alway tomorrow (God willing). :)

A Cute Mad Girl!

The other day when we were at Ben's mom house, we were all playing in the living room. As we were cleaning up and getting ready to leave, Ben reached over to grab something on an end table and accidently knocked the lamp over on Alivia (that's not the cute part). Alivia was quite scared (it didn't hurt her) and cried for a few minutes. As I was holding her to calm her down, she pointed to the lamp and said "THAT!" It was just the funniest thing that she was mad at the lamp. We ended up staying for about 10 more minutes after the incident. And what was even cuter was that every time we passed the lamp, she would point to it and say "no no!" Ben's mom said well at least she is mad at the lamp and not at Ben, but as we were finally leaving she looked at the lamp one more time and said, "no no, dada!" Haha, although it was an accident she knew Ben did it. I knew she was upset, but I couldn't stop laughing at how cute she was when she was mad. I think I will have to work on that- I don't know if she will appreciate it in the future. :)

I Just Love Her!

I just love her...

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She Said What?!

Alivia has been on a talking spree. I love it! It seriously melts my heart to hear her cute little voice, especially when she says “mama” or “dada”! LOVE IT! Recently she has started to say new words and she is trying to repeat words that we ask her to say. Most of the time she can’t say it completely clear or all the way, but I love that she is trying.

New words:

- GG (Alivia’s great grandma)

- Jo (Alivia’s great aunt)

- Layla (Little girl I nanny)

- Grandma (as of today)

- Stinky

yesterday I was changing her dirty diaper and I kept telling her it was stinky. I asked if she could say “stinky” and she did! haha

- Poo Poo / Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)

Ben asks her what she does and says “poo poo!” Now she can say that. And she has a Winnie the Pooh bath set so she knows who Pooh is.  Grandma Billie gave her a Winnie the Pooh dish to eat out of the other day and I asked who it was and she said “pooh!” So cute!

- More

Two word strings:

- All done

She now signs and says “All Done” when she is done with her meal, snack, bath time, nursing, etc.

- Apple juice