Thirty-One Open House!

I'm getting excited and a tad-bit nervous for my open house!!! I think it should go well, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. :)

Thirty-One Consultant!

Yep, that's me! I am in the process of signing up to be a Thirty-One Consultant. Thirty-One offers a diverse amount of purposeful products: purses, wallets, totes, organizers, baby items & much more. Monogram is available on many items. I am super excited to start this new journey with this faith-based company. The company is founded by Cindy Monroe who based the name of Proverbs 31 and it's motto is to celebrate, encourage, and reward yourself and other women!
I know it is going to be worth it in many ways. Obviously, I am excited for the potential financial reward, but I know there will also be other positives as well. I am hoping that it will boost my confidence and push me out of my comfort zone a little more. I am not one to get excited about talking in front of others, but this will push me to do something I don't like. I hope this will help me get over my fear!!! I will have two open houses in the next couple of weeks, which I will post on the blog after I finalize details. :) Goals: - Become a qualified consultant in one month - Plan 12 parties in 3 months for free items to help with my business - Make enough money to make Thirty-One my sole career in 6 months (which will give me more time to spend with my love ones) - Work on getting more organized in my personal life and family life
Look at how cute and functional these products are!! Adorable!

New Words!

puppy... apple...ball ahhh, I love her growing vocabulary and her cute little voice.


Alivia's list of words: - Mama - Dada - Doggie - Papa (Latest word(s) as of December) - Bubble (latest word(s) as of December) - She tries to say the beginning of words like "Ca" for Cat, "Bo" for book, etc. We were at the library this morning at Library time and the lady started to blow bubbles and Alivia pointed and said "bubble"!

Piano Playing Alivia!

Our talented little Alivia, she will always be our star! :)

Birthday Girl!

Alivia showing us her mad skills and blowing out the candle! We sang to her twice because she loved blowing out the candle. The first time around she did it right away, the second time she wanted to touch the cake. She didn't even like eating the cake either, she just liked to play with it. Haha.

Alivia is Now the Big One!

At Birth, 6.6 pounds and 20 inches long!
At one year old, 15.13 pounds and 27 inches long!
What can I say, Alivia has been with us for a year now! Woohoo! She is such a sweetie-pie. We hosted an owl birthday bash for her on Friday, January 31, 2010. We actually had a really awesome turn-out despite it being a holiday and the bad weather that visited us the day before. We had over 20 friends and family help us celebrate Alivia! She has really started to bloom and learn new things. She is picking up on a lot of things as of late.
Alivia's Loves:
- Playing with her farm little people toy she got for Christmas - Giving hugs and kisses to us and to her stuffed animals
- Barking like a dog when she sees or hears Kloee
- drinking her sippy-cups like a big girl
- walking all by herself
- Playing with friends - Reading books
- Coloring
- Chasing the Sniffs and Kloee
Alivia's New Things:
- She can bark like a dog and moo like a cow
- Alivia can sign "please." Today at Chick-Fil-A, Ben asked her if she wanted to go play in the play area and Alivia signed "please". It was really cute and amazing to see her do that. We didn't even ask her to say "please," she just understood that is what you say if you want to go do something or get something.
- Livie Loo can blow out candles and blow on food when it is hot. We can now put food in front of her and say "it's hot" and she will blow on it without us asking her to "blow on the food".
- She loves to smell candles, she picked up on how to sniff things
- Alivia is becoming very independent and loves to explore on her own (although we don't let her have all the independence that she wants :)
- She just started to pick up on coloring and wants to do it all the time. She is not good and barely colors on the page but she loves it. We still have to watch for her to put the crayons in her mouth, but for the most part she will sit on her little stool and color for minutes! :)

Alivia's Birthday!

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Family Christmas Prestent!

Newest Member of the family: Kloee
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Our Sweet Alivia!

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She is just so cute!

Alivia's 1st Christmas!

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We celebrated Christmas Eve with Ben's side of the family and Christmas Day with mine. Alivia had a fun 1st Christmas! She was a little overwhelmed on Christmas Eve since there were a lot of people present. She stayed up late both nights and it caught up on her but overall she did a great job dealing with all the food, presents, family members, and noise. Alivia got some great gifts and we had a fun time celebrating. Since we don't want Christmas to become all about gifts in the future and we have a big family, we started a tradition where we will give her 3 gifts on Christmas; one want, one need, and on surprise. This year her gifts were-
Her want gift: books Her need gift: diapers/socks Her surprise gift: (real) puppy dog
In the future we won't get such a big surprise gift, but this year we decided to get a dog for a family gift. Or, rather Ben decided to surprise Alivia and me on Christmas morning with a cute little yorki-poo. She is a fun little dog, lots of work, but fun! Alivia really likes her and whenever she sees or hears Kloee (dog's name) she starts to bark... :)