A Few Things!

So I wrote a post last week and for some reason are internet went down... I haven't wanted to rewrite the post all week. So here I am playing catch up! A Few Things- 1. Christmas was awesome. We had a fun time with family and spent Christmas with both sides of the family. Alivia had a wonderful time opening presents! 2. Ben surprised the family with a little puppy, a yorkie-poo! She is a cutie. We are currently working on crate-training and potty training and it is going okay. She hates the crate with a passion and barks constantly. We here her complain the entire time she is in there, but we are hoping she gets over this dislike and starts to view her crate as her little home. 3. My dad is coming out for Alivia's Birthday today! 4. We have Alivia's birthday bash planned for tomorrow. Can't wait! We are expecting 25ish people and are excited to celebrate her little life. 5. The New Year is approaching and we are excited to embrace 2011 and the new adventures that are to come. 6. Pictures of the holidays, puppy, and Alivia's birthday are to come soon! Happy early Birthday Alivia and Happy New Year!

2010 Online Christmas Card!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!
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My Little Bronco Fan!

Despite the terrible journey the Broncos have had the past few seasons, I am still a fan! I forced Alivia into liking or at least supporting the Broncos too! :) I found this little dress at the Just Between Friends sale for only a couple of bucks. P.S. Please pay no attention to our messy room, we were getting ready for our trip. :)

Thanksgiving Trip photos!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our Thanksgiving Trip! :)
Posted by Picasa My Organic Chicka! :)

My dad and Ben!

My Grandma and Me!

My family on our way to visit the christmas lights in Pitsburg, PA!

My Livie and Me with Santa!

Livie Loo is 11 Months- Woo Hoo!

Alivia is now 11 months... less than a month away til her big 1st birthday! :) I really think Alivia is a smart baby, but maybe that is just the mom in me saying/thinking that. Never the less, she is starting to do a lot more new things and is really having fun with learning. Alivia's Loves: - Back to Nature Graham Sticks- if she is having a tough moment, I can always count on those little snacks to bring her back to a calming state. - Walking by herself anywhere and everywhere, especially in stores now. (She wants to get into all the stuff) - Being pushed on a little toy car for babies... Makes her happy, makes momma/dada happy! - Talking, she just talks up a storm these days. - Playing and getting into non-baby things... Do you think it is time to baby proof now? :) Alivia's New Things: - Alivia has a new tooth on the bottom, that makes 5, 2 on the top and 3 on the bottom. - She shakes her head to say "yes" now when we ask her a question... So cute! I don't if she quite gets the concept as to what we are asking her but she does understand that we are asking her a question. Sometimes we will ask her silly questions, just to get a laugh! - She quite frequently says "No" and she will usually say it as "No, No" because when I tell her or Layla "No" I will say "No, no Layla" or "No, no Alivia." Ha ha, I love that she picked up on the double No. - She can sign "more" and "all done!" Sometimes she gets the two signs confused but for the most part she understands the two signs. I think we are going to introduce a few more signs to her as she seems to like them and can communicate quite well using signs. - She can hum now. Sometimes she will walk around and do a short hum. Or, if I am humming and stop, she will hum to get me to do it again. - Alivia is eating a lot more now and we plan to start her on goat's milk by the end of the month. She has tried rice milk and liked it quite well. - She really tries to copy some of the words we say and does a pretty good job of it. (book, cat, dog, tiger, momma, dada) - She has started to laugh more without us tickling her! Cute. - Livie Loo started this funny thing where she smiles crooked and makes a silly noise with it. It is funny! I will have to try to capture it on film, because it cracks us up! - Alivia does a great job with listening and is starting to follow little cues. (Come here, put that here/down, No, Do you want to eat, can you give that to me, so on and so forth) We love how she is growing and advancing! She is such a darling little one, and we continue to thank God for her presence in our life! :)

When you have a baby...

You can no longer sleep on a plane! :) When I used to travel pre-baby, I would almost always sleep on the plane and that is how I got through a flight. My hope for any sleep on future airplane trips can now be forgotten since Alivia does not sleep on planes. Or if she does sleep, it is in the last 15 minutes. All in all, Alivia does really well on airplanes- she only has a few moments of unhappiness but then does well for the remainder of the trip. Speaking of trips, our trip to PA was fabulous. It was so great to see family! We spent 11 days hanging out, relaxing, and enjoying each other's company. We were only supposed to spend 10 days but we got stuck in Cranberry, PA because of a flight weather delay. We had to choose between spending 12 hours in an airport with a 11 month old or going back to my aunts house and sleeping in a bed. A no-brainer. We chose the later choice and got another night in PA. Alivia had a tough time adjusting to things in PA, so we did not get a lot of sleep but we did get more sleep sleeping at my aunts then being stuck in an airport. We really enjoyed our Thanksgiving vacation and appreciated all that our family did for us while we were there. :) It was the first time my aunt's family and grandma have seen Alivia. They loved her!!! They really enjoyed playing with her, holding her, and loving her. Alivia got spoiled too. She came home with a lot of clothes. We had to pack another suitcase- such cute clothes. :) What a fun trip! (Pictures to come soon)