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My 25th Birthday!

For not wanting this birthday day to really come, it turned out great and being 25 is not that bad! I was a little apprehensive about turning 25, don't ask me why. :) But, what an awesome quarter of the century birthday I had! :) Alivia actually slept in til 8:30 a.m. That was a pleasant birthday gift to her momma, as I was able to enjoy a very long shower and actually get ready for the day in the morning and not during one of her naps. I did a quiet time before Layla came because she usually comes at 7:30 a.m. but her grandpa dropped her off closer to 8:00 a.m. I watched Layla til 1:00 p.m. and Ben got off work early and arrived home at 1:00 p.m. so we could go to the Denver Zoo. The zoo just so happen to have a free day on my birthday! We have never been, so we thought it was a perfect opportunity to go. We enjoyed the zoo and compared to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, it was a pleasant scenery change. It was more like a large park with animals to roam around then how the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is set up. After the zoo, we went to a Mexican restaurant that my friend Laura recommended called "Bennys." :)It was terribly hard to find a parking spot. We almost went searching for another place, but we finally found one and it allowed Alivia to get in a little snooze in before dinner. It was just OK to me, which was kind of a bummer since we don't eat out too often (limited budget for eating out) but Ben enjoyed it so that was a positive. We then proceeded to Laura's house hung out with the newly married couple for a little while in Denver before going home. It was a very awesome day with friends and family. Cute sleeping polar bear! One of the ugliest animals I've seen in person! haha Mama tiger with her cubs (There were actually 4 cubs but the other one was playing elsewhere, while these little guys were eating meat out of a pumpkin for Halloween) One big elephant! We had to get a picture of a camel for Ben! Alivia clapping, happy to watch the animals! Alivia pointing at a monkey! I think she wanted to go play with him/her (just her size :) Aliva and mommy! Alivia and daddy! I also celebrated my birthday with 2 different family parties and thoroughly enjoyed both days with family! :) Luke in front of all the gifts (We had a fall birthday party, celebrating Luke, Ben, and me) Jo and Grandma at the birthday party! Alivia and Joel playing together! Alivia loves this play horse! Alivia on a play horse with her cousin Janelle. So cute to watch them interact!

First Steps!!

Oh my, we have an early walker on our hands!!! Yes, Alivia just started taking steps on her own as of yesterday (and now loves to do it). She gets really proud of herself when she does it too- it's super cute. She is only walking 3 to 4 steps at a time right now before she lunges into my arms, but those steps that she takes are pretty solid steps. I can't believe she is starting this process so early. She amazes me. She also started to stand up from the sitting position today. That is a pretty hard task to accomplish. Good job Alivia, you are doing such a good job learning! We love you so much! P.s. It amazes me how fast babies can pick up on stuff. Alivia wasn't even trying to walk two days ago, but then out of nowhere she takes her first steps towards me!

9 months, 9 months!

Okay, so again I am a few days late on her 9 month update. My life is a little insane right now. I just started watching Layla again (more like 30ish hours a week this time around), and I am getting used to working that many hours. I have not been online that much lately and if I have been on, it's been for a short time period. Alivia is getting bigger, although she is only in the 4th percentile for weight in her age group. This does not worry me because she loves to eat! Something that we started doing since I am watching Layla is scheduling when we eat. It goes like this: 7:30 a.m.- breakfast 10:00 a.m.- snack 12:00 p.m.- lunch 2:00 p.m. or when she wakes up from her nap- snack 5:00 p.m.- Dinner I still breastfeed on demand in between feedings, so I know that Alivia is getting enough food! She just has a fast metabolism like Ben and she plays hard during wake time! Alivia's Loves: This month, she does not have too many new loves as she still enjoys doing the same as last month... But with saying that here are few things that keeps her interest for quite some time - Turning off lights - Climbing up the stairs - Tearing down books from book shelves - Knocking over high block towers - Reading books - Playing with Layla and other little kiddos - Baby Time/Toddler Time at the local Library (I was very excited that they added a Baby Time to a closer library this month!!) - Playing with clothes, particularly socks and shoes (She loves Velcro) - Playing ball with her daddy - Going for walks - Being outside on the grass and touching trees - Being held! Alivia's New Things: - She has mastered crawling up the stairs, now just working on the crawling downstairs (We still have not purchased baby gates and don't know if we will) - Alivia's first top tooth is coming in! - Alivia loves her bedtime routine! Yes, we just established one, for the longest time we just went with the flow and followed her cues. We still somewhat follow her cues, but we put her down around the same time every night (between 7:00 p.m. and 7:30ish p.m., before it was 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and she was overtired so we moved it up) as she has become accustom to the same bedtime. Bedroom routine as follows- *We turn on both lights in her bedroom and bathroom (keep the bedroom door open and the hallway light on for light when the bedroom and bathroom lights are turned off) *Change her diaper and put her into a nighty *Wash her face off and brush her 2 1/2 teeth :) *Let her turn off the bathroom light *Turn on the fan *Let her turn off the bedroom light *Breastfeed til she is full *Sing her a song that we made up *Turn on her night music (just goes for a minute or so) *Put her in her crib to drift off to sleep - Alivia is able to eat more table food because of her teeth and she loves it. I think she is starting to like it over pureed baby food. - She can now walk when pushing something (like her toy with wheels) or when we hold her hands - She thinks she wants to move to 1 nap a day... I feel like I have other plans for her on that one! :) I am all about baby directed days, but Alivia needs more that 1 nap a day still. I think she likes to play with Layla that she forgets about her morning nap and then gets really tired (overtired) and only takes an 1 hour afternoon nap. Gear an overtired baby that is teething together and you get one crabby little girl. Overall, she is still a very easy baby to tend to and we are so blessed to have her as our daughter. I know it sounds crazy, but I already started planning Alivia's birthday... Keeping it a secret as far as details go, but I needed to start thinking about it because I have a few crafty things I want to do for her special day that will require me to spend some quality time. I am making the invitations, cake, and party favors by hand. So I might be a little a head of schedule, but I have never made what I plan on making so I need the extra time. I am enjoying my time with our little Alivia and although I am happy that she is going to be 1 soon (God Willing), I am a little sad to know that I won't have her as my little baby for much longer. Just a reminder that I need to really cherish these moments with her now!!!

Beautiful Fall Day!

Yesterday was finally a fallish day here in beautiful Colorado Springs. It is October and the weather is still in the high 70's/ mid 80's!! Crazy. I was super excited to dress Alivia in fall clothes. I captured her outfit and these cute shoes I found for $2.00 at a consignment store. They are 0-3 months so she won't be wearing them much longer, but it's crazy that she can still wear them at 9 months. I love October, I love fall, I love family!!!

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Alivia at 8 Months!

Alivia at 8 months with her bright eyes and beautiful two teeth smile!
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