Alivia Waving!

Alivia doing a little wave, she still only does this on occasion and very rarely when propted. I got super excited that she did it when prompted and while being taped! :)

Alivia, Can you Clap?

Yes, she can! :) She is a clapping machine...

Alivia Crawling!

We were very, very excited to get Alivia on camera on her first day of crawling. I added the way she has been crawling these days so that you can see the improvement in just a few weeks. She is going to be speedy, speedy soon. We have not got baby gates yet, so as I usually have a very good eye on her, I now have an extra good eye on her so that she doesn't attempt any stairs, which by the way she does know how to crawl up... :)

Alivia at the Zoo!

We went to the zoo awhile back with some friends. It was Alivia's first time with both me and Ben there enjoying the animals and scenery with her. She loved gazing at the amimals and wildlife from afar. I think we have an amimal lover on our hands. She gets so excited when she gets close to the animals. Super cute! I have a feeling we will be purchasing a zoo pass when she gets older!
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1111 Days Married!

Doesn't that sound awesome!!! Ben and I have been married for 1111 days. Here's to many more great married days together.
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(Picture taken at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

3 Years and Counting!

On August 5, 2010, Ben and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! WOW... what a great 3years it has been. I am so happy and blessed to have such a wonderful husband. He is the perfect man and husband for me. God matched us together to be a fabulous fit for each other! I could not be happier, and I love our anniversary days to remind us of the day we united in love on August 5 of 2007. I love remembering our wedding day and all that has happened since then. I am truly thankful to have Ben as my husband. He has such a wonderful personality and sense of humor. I love you Ben Spiers. :) On Thursday the 5th we had chipotle at home and our tradition of fondue, homemade style. On Friday the 6th, we went on a family outing to Manitou and played games at the arcade. And, on Saturday the 7th, we ended our festivities with a day at the zoo with friends (Pictures from the zoo coming soon). It was a great weekend of celebrating and enjoying time as a family. Thank you God for the wonderful blessing of a family! :)
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Yeah... Alivia can clap!

Ahh, the little joys of parenthood! :) Alivia can clap when we clap and say "Yeah!" It's adorable. She is adorable! She is super, super cute to me and I enjoy being her mom!!! LOVE HER.

Sweet Alivia Laughing!

We are trying to get more of Alivia on film!!! Here is one of her laughing with Ben!

Happy 7 Months to you Alivia!

WOW... I cannot believe how big Alivia is getting or how fast she is growing! This is a few days late, but Alivia is now 7 months old. She is still as darling as ever with her one little tooth, cute little button nose, the bluest eyes, and long dark eyelashes! :) She brings many smiles to Ben and me, as well as to others who know her. God sure did give us a wonderful gift. We love her so much and continue to see her sweet personality shine through as she gets older. Alivia's Recent Loves: - Water bottles, keys, phones, cameras, glasses, lotion or make-up containers or anything that is not technically a toy! - Johnny Jump Up - Swings at the Park - Baby Time at the Library - Baths or Showers or swimming pools... Water - Other babies and children - Shopping with Mommy (and occasionally Daddy) and sitting in the cart like a big girl :) Alivia's New Things: - Alivia has one new tooth! (I think more are coming in by the way she has been acting... She is pretty moody and always has something in her mouth) - She now drinks juice from a sippy cup or a bottle almost every day, once a day! She loves her juice! :) - She now has perfected a whine, especially when we put her down and she doesn't want to be put down. She still has a cute face when she does it, but it is not a great new skill since it can develop into a bad habit as she gets older. - Alivia knows how to drink out of my Camelbak water bottle. It is super cute and it keeps her happy if she needs a distraction or rather we need her to be occupied with something while we get something done (i.e. cooking) - She has learned how to sit up all by herself. One day, last week I walked in to get her and she was sitting up in her crib. I thought that was interesting since I didn't know how she did it. It happened again the next morning, and I was still pondering how she was doing it until she showed us how she did it during play time. She gets on her stomach and then pushes her leg up and uses her hands to push the rest of her body up into a sitting position. Ah-ha I see now! Good job using your strong muscles baby girl! - On August 1, she crawled for the first time, and it was quite exciting to see. My mom and I witnessed her fist crawling movements. Unfortunately, Ben was working when she graced us with her first crawl, but she did if for Ben later in the evening after he got home from work. She is not crawling for a very long period, but she knows how to do it now. I am gearing up for a lot more action soon! Alivia is officially on the move...

Half Way There!

This is my sweet Alivia at 6 months! She is such a cutie pie! :) I can't believe how fast she is growing up... So many people keep telling me that a baby's 1st year goes by fast, and I am starting to believe it now. She is over half way there now, and I am using the reminders of others that I need to cherish each moment with Alivia because soon enough she won't be my little baby anymore... Ben and I do love the many moments we have with her as our precious baby girl!
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The Many Faces!

Alivia is very, very expressive! Here, I was able to capture just a few of her many faces! I love this little girl... She is too cute!
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This is her new emotion she has been showing us quite frequently lately... it is her whiney face! She makes it when she wants something, especially when she wants us to pick her up and hold her. (Notice the hands reaching for me to pick her up) She makes this funny whiney noise with it too. Funny little girl!

Play Time, Fun Time!

One of Alivia's favorite games right now is playing with blocks. We build up the blocks and she pushes them down. Too cute! We had to capture her during her play time! She has lots of fun playing with blocks. :)
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