Well not much is new here at the Spiers' residence... Ben is working a lot, Alivia is growing and learning a lot (separate post on her soon), and I am loving life a lot. God is so good and we are so blessed by all of His provisions. He provides for us what we really need in life. Sometimes Ben and I have to step back because we can get carried away with what we want in life, then we realize that God has given and is continuing to give us the things in life that we really need, not want. LOVE, friends, family!!! Food, shelter, clothes... There are times when I want something that we don't need, and I can't seem to get my mind off it- that is when I have to step away from what I want and look at the big picture. I try to think about all the blessings God has sent our way. I know that we can't have everything, but we have a lot, a lot to be thankful for! :) We are very thankful to believe in such a loving, wonderful God who wants to take care of our family and love us in such an incredible way. He loves us so much that He would make the ultimate sacrifice of sending His son to die on the cross for us! God is amazing, and today I am content with what I have because I know that God is bigger than my belongings and possessions.

Laura and David's Wedding Celebration!

Last weekend, one of my dearest friends, Laura, got married!!! It was a busy week of celebration with her bridal shower, bach. party, rehearsal and 2 weddings! Yes, I did say 2 weddings! :) She got married on Friday in a Catholic church where a few friends and family members witnessed her and David have a Catholic ceremony in the church. On Saturday, July 10, 2010 she had her "real" wedding in Denver at Washington Park, and it was one hot (weather), lovely wedding! I am so happy for David and Laura! Congrats to the two of them for embarking on a wonderful journey! Laura's Bridal Shower: Sara and Me posing for the camera! Laura opening her presents! :) The whole group at Marigolds! Laura smiling! Kristen, Me, Sara, and Laura! Laura's Bach. Party: Laura and Jo! Sara, Megan, and Me! Sara and Megan! Amanda and Laura! Me and Kristen ! Laura opening up her gifts, BIG smiles and laughs! :) Laura's sister Amanda was quite embarrassed by her gifts! Sara and I gave her this! These two men were making many funny comments while Laura was opening her gifts! Sara, Megan, and me waiting to drive to the next bar! Me and the Bride-to-Be! The whole group celebrating Laura! The 1st Wedding: Laura's Dad walking her down the aisle! Laura and David during the ceremony! Laura and David with the Priest! Laura and David with the Best Man and Matron of Honor! Mariette, Sara, Me, and Kristen at the 1st wedding! The Rehersal: Laura and Me at the Rockies Game after Rehearsal Dinner! Megan, Sharon, Mariette, Kristen, and Sara at the Rehersal Dinner! Me and my Dad! He came for the festivites and to help out with Alivia! Me and Kristen! Sharon, Mariette, Kristen (with A), Me, Sara and Megan celebrating the couple! The 2nd "REAL" Wedding: Laura's Dad walking her down the aisle, take 2! :) Laura and David taking vows! Mr & Mrs. David Schoengarth!!! The real kiss... Ben and I were joking about this since we never got "our kiss" captured by our photographer! Good job taking this picture Ben! My pretty little Alivia and Me at the reception! Ben & Kevin at the cocktail hour! My Dad having fun! Sara, Megan, and Brittney at the cocktail hour! My little family at the reception! And that's all for now folks!!

First Tooth!

Alivia has been doing this weird thing with her tongue where she slides her tongue over her bottom lip... I was wondering what she was doing until I noticed one day (July 6th) that she has a tooth coming in. Haha- she was feeling her new tooth with her tongue. That tooth of hers is pretty sharp too. :) Yeah Alivia!

4th of July!

Our 4th of July was wonderful! We had dinner at Jo's (Ben's aunt)house and then went to the private Kissing Camels/Garden of the Gods Club Fireworks show. We had a blast with family and enjoying the fireworks. Although the Fireworks show was quite fast because of weather it was fun to watch. I actually enjoyed watching Alivia watch the fireworks over watching the fireworks myself. Alivia had a tough night though because she has become rather content with her 8:00 p.m. bedtime that when 8:00 p.m. came and went, she became one fussy baby. She fell asleep at about 8:30 p.m. and then woke up for the show. She cried before the show and after the show but she was mesmerized by the fireworks that during the show she did no crying! :) It was cute to watch her take in the loud noises and the colorful explosions in the dark night sky. Our attempt at a family picture, Alivia was super tired at this point. Alivia watching the fireworks! We were able to celebrate with Ben's family: Jo, Billie, Amy, Janelle, Lauren, Luke, Joel, along with a family friend Carol.