Weekend with Ben, 1st Father's Day!

We had a great Father's Day weekend! Ben was working on Sunday, but he had Saturday off and we enjoyed a great day together as a family. Ben is such a wonderful dad! He loves his little Alivia so much and it is great to watch them interact and bond together. Ben adores her and is so good with helping out with her. His number one dad duty is helping with the bedtime routine! He gets her in her pjs, reads to her, and puts her down with her music. It helps me because I don't like the CIO process, but Alivia is getting really good at going to bed within minutes of being put down in her crib. Ben is a fabulous father and we all look forward to many more delightful moments and Father's days to come. Here are a few father/daughter pictures...

Alivia's New Trick!

Alivia started the sitting up process at 5 months... She was able to sit for a few seconds and then wobbled over, but now she can successfully sit up for minutes at a time before falling. She is a sitter! :) Good job, Livie Loo- sitting at 5 1/2 months all by yourself! What a fun new trick! We think you like the new perspective, because sometimes when you do topple over... you get mad and just want to sit up again! !

The Circus!

My friend Tina invited Alivia and me to the Circus over the weekend. She had an extra ticket and it was so nice of her to let us join her and her son on a fun outing. Alivia thought it was fun for a while, but it was during one of her nap times so she eventually had enough of the loud singing, bright colors, and interesting costumes. She napped through the second half of the performance. I had a great time! I have not been to a circus in ages and enjoyed the "crazy" things that they do during the show. Here are some pictures of us and the of the circus!

Success in the Spiers' Household!

Okay, so I know I went on and on about how crying out it out was HARD!!! I'm not going to lie, it was and still is... but now that Alivia has slept pretty well for 4 days, I can see now that it was worth it. Success! And now she doesn't cry but 2 minutes before nodding off. Success! She still smiles at me when I pick her up, she still laughs at my funny faces, and she still snuggles and nurses well- so I think no damage has been done from that one LONG night of CIO. Success! :) Last night was a little bit interesting, she didn't completely sleep through the night, but she only woke up a couple of times and went back to bed. She slept in until 7:00 a.m. in her crib. It's the small things that put a smile on my face now that I have a daughter. Before I was a mom, I would not have thought I would be so happy with a baby sleeping through the night and smiling at me when I went to pick her up in her own crib. I am still slightly sad that she doesn't sleep with us that much anymore, but I can tell that she sleeps better on her own. Last night was case in point as she woke up at 1:30 a.m. and we brought her back into our bed with us. She woke up a couple of times and wouldn't settle down completely until I nursed her back to sleep and put her down in her own room. She then slept from 3:00ish until 7:00 a.m. Success! Well we will still work on her bedtime routine and hopefully she continues to do better and better each day with falling asleep on her own. I still cherish the times in the morning when we bring her back in our bed and lay down as a family. Most of the times I nurse her back to sleep for a little more shuteye, but if not we just all lay in bed and play little Alivia games that make her smile and laugh. Success!

A Small Victory!

So last night's heartache of letting Alivia cry it out was harder than I thought, but it paid off when she slept til 4:00 a.m. She has only done that a handful of times and I was very happy that she got a good night's rest after her tearful journey! She is usually such a happy baby, but i can definitely tell when she doesn't sleep well or get enough of sleep on how she acts the next day. Today has been a happy day! :) Last night was her first night sleeping in the crib for most of the night. It was a little odd, but I think it was probably harder on me than it was on Alivia. She seemed fine sleeping in her crib once she actually fell asleep. So night 1 was a small victory... We shall see how tonight goes. :)


is not fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts my little mommy heart! I hope that she starts to go to bed easier soon. I have been nursing her to sleep thus far and tonight we changed it up a little. She cried for quite a while but finally fell asleep. I almost had to leave the house because I wanted to go get her and rock her to sleep. Oh my, oh my!

My Walking Buddy!

Alivia in her very own cute ball cap! She is a lovely walking partner...

Library Time & New Camera!

Today was a great day! Alivia and I went to the library to join forces with other moms and babies for a grand "Baby Time!" Alivia really enjoyed it! She had a blast with the singing, reading, and playing. She kicked her legs with such excitement when we sang the songs. She already adores music, it's cute! I will definitely try to go every Monday. We are also signed up for the Summer reading program with the library. I am going try to ready Alivia 2 books (or more) a day and get prizes! The goal is to read to Alivia, the reward is our very own books and free baby items. I didn't know that babies could participate in the program, and I was very excited to find out that Alivia could. After Ben got home from work and we had dinner, we made our way to the best shopping place ever, Target! We purchased a new camera and accessories with a gift card. We have been looking for a new camera and after researching we found the camera to upgrade to. It is Canon PowerShot 10.0MP Digital Camera - Black (SX120 IS) We are ready to get to know this camera and to start taking pictures with it. I would like to take a photography class sometime (in the future), but for now I am going to try to learn a few tricks on my own. :) I'll upload some pictures later this week after trying it out.