Alivia is 5 Months Old!

Alivia is a happy 5 month old now!!! She is getting really big- her last weigh in a couple weeks ago put her at 12 pounds 8 ounces, so she has to be in the 13 pound range now. Alivia's New Skills- - She can now roll over from her back to her stomach and from her stomach to her back. If we put her on her stomach, she automatically rolls over to her back. Apparently she does not like her stomach! - We started her on solids and she is doing great! She enjoys her rice cereal and bananas. We also gave her avocado to try and she has mixed feelings on the green stuff. I will continue to give her different veggies though. She doesn't know what to think about avocados! - Alivia loves to laugh! So cute! :) - She can sit up for a few seconds before falling over. Don't worry, we catch her! - Livie Loo loves to dance to music, especially church music! Adorable... - She really enjoys the exersaucer! Happy 5 months Alivia, and Happy Memorial Day!

Summer Workout Challenge!

It's summer time, and here I am not working anymore (smiling big)! I have been taking (almost) daily walks with the some-what free time that I have. Alivia is the best walking partner ever! I love it! I have lost 2 pounds over the last couple of weeks. I have 7 pounds to go before my pre-pregnancy weight! Yahoo. :) I joined a summer workout challenge to help me get motivated to workout, cut out sugar, drink enough water, and spend time in the Word. Although, I could be doing better in the challenge against some of these other awesome gals, I know that what I have done over the last few weeks is a huge improvement for me. I am happy with the changes that I am beginning to make and hope that I can improve more and more as the summer continues on. I am happy to say that no one has asked me if I am pregnant again... meaning hopefully I don't look pregnant right now. I am also hoping that through this 14 weeks challenge, I can memorize a some new bible verses. I have some in mind and I want to find a few more. Here's to many more walks and workouts, less sugar, lots of H2O, spending time in the Word, and memorizing some verses!

Last Day at IT!

So it's here, my last day working full-time. I am so looking forward to next Monday and not waking up to an alarm-clock but rather to my smiley Alivia... Really I think there has only been a handfull of times that she has woke up grumpy. And, if you're thinking you won't sleep in, you have a almost 5 month old. Well think again, Alivia will sleep in to 8:00 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. on any given morning. Otherwise it is between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.! Even if I wake up at 7:00 a.m. now, I don't have to rush around getting myself ready, getting Alivia ready, and gathering all belongings (my lunch, my pump, my milk storage bag, my purse... her carseat, her baby bag, her bumbo, her milk). On another note, I am really looking forward to packing away my pump! How much more nice it will be to just feed her! Yahoo. I am so thankful for this opportunity! So along with quitting comes a new budget. Since we wil be a one income family now, we have to implement a much different kind of budget! Although we must sacrifice some things we are used to (i.e. eating out and shopping), we know it is worth it! Spending time with Alivia is much more rewarding then having 'more' money to spend. I have started to 'coupon', which actually saves quite a bit of money and is very enjoyable to me. I love the thrill of couponing and finding good deals. So let the hunt for awesome deals continue and this new stage of life for the Spiers' begin!!!

"Lost Generation" Creative Video!

This is a really neat concept... So simple, yet eye-catching!

Mother's Day!

I just celebrated my first Mother's Day! Ben had to work on Sunday, but I spent the whole day with Alivia. First I headed to church- our church was giving out devotional books for women. I'm excited to start reading it! Later, early in the afternoon, I went for a walk with my mom. It was super nice out and a great way to spend some time with my mom. After Ben got off of work we went over to his mom's house to eat dinner with his mom and grandma! It was a fun night with some great food. Ben gave me a Mother's Day massage before we headed to bed. It was a very relaxing day! The only pictures that were taken are on my mom's camera- so hopefully I can upload them soon! I hope all you mama's out there out a fabulous Mother's Day too!

Two Weeks Notice!

On Wednesday, I gave my two weeks notice with my current employer. As of May 21, 2010- I will no longer work with Insurance Technologies and instead be a Stay at Home Mom. I did not think that it would happen so quickly. Ben and I were thinking that I would stay with this job until at least August of this year. But events took place that led to our decision happening quicker than we expected. With my heart yearning to stay home with Alivia, the cost of childcare, and a few stressful days of not finding childcare- our decision was that I could stay home with Alivia starting this month!!! Yeah, jumping up and down with joy. :) Although money will be tight, I feel like we are following our hearts. I know God is smiling down on us as we start this new journey in life. What I learned at Insurance Technologies: - I used to think I was a perfectionist until this job REALLY taught me that perfection is not attainable! Yes, I knew that I could not be perfect, but that didn't stop me from trying. Now I don't try! However, I do try to do my best on most things :), but I don't try to be perfect. It wastes too much time and in the end, I am more likely to be disappointed in the result rather than relish in the memories of how I came to that result! - I learned how to work with people that I don't necessarily like! I have learned better communication skills! - I learned that no matter where I am in life or what circumstance I am in- I have to be able to have a good attitude about the situation I am in. My attitude and daily thoughts have a lot to do with whether my day is good or bad. Philippians 4:8, Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. - Even if I try my best, mistakes can happen! AND, it is okay to make mistakes. I have learned a lot through trial and error... What I look forward to as a SAHM: - Waking up to Alivia and not having to leave her right away, especially since she is so smiley in the morning! - Watching Livie Loo all day... fun times ahead of us! - Taking daily walks during the summer time, time to get back in shape! - Going to the park and zoo, exploring the outdoors! - Setting up some sort of schedule! - Having a clean house (more often then now, at least)! - Couponing and weekly grocery shopping instead of running out food and shopping randomly! - Cooking! I have not been able to enjoy cooking since there has not been much time with my full time work and watching the little one. - Baking! *I know that I will not have a ton of free time, but I will definitely have more time than I do now. I know that these things will not happen everyday and that some days I won't get much done, but I am still excited to know that I will have more time to enjoy the small things and take in all that happens to Alivia!* Life is short, enjoy every moment, and take chances. Putting my two weeks notice in was a tough call (Financially but not emotionally), but the best decision for our family. The Spiers' family took a leap of faith and we are excited to see whats in store for us next!

A Glimpse in the Life of a SAHM!

Today,I got a glimpse of what it would be like to be a Stay At Home Mom! I had to take a 1/2 day off because our normal babysitter's daughter was sick and she couldn't watch Alivia. I loved being with Livie Loo! She is such a smiley little girl and giggles at my silly ways! God sure did give us such a beautiful baby! :) I know God has a plan for our family, and I am thrilled to know that someday (soon) I will get to be with Alivia as my full time Mommy job!

Sleeping In!

Alivia and I just slept in today! It was a cozy, nice sleep! I love sleeping next to the wee little one! :) I got up at 8:30 to complete a few chores before she woke up and low and behold she is still asleep and it is 9:00. I thought of waking her, but she is just too darn cute sleeping. And have you ever woke up a sleeping baby when they are not ready to be woke up yet, not a pretty picture. It is much better if she wakes up on her own, smiley and happy! She must of needed it because she did not sleep much yesterday. What a good start to the day!