Cute Giggles!

I LOVE being a mommy! My life has changed so much since having Livie Loo... Different, YES! Better, YES! She is such a joy to have around! She has started to giggle, and what a cute little giggle it is. I hope to capture this pure happiness soon :) She melts my heart!

Just Between Friends Sale!

I got all of these clothes for under $100.00. Not included in the picture is 2 gifts for a friend and my mom and 3 outfits for myself. AMAZING deal! I love the JBF Sale, especially the 50% off sale on Saturday! What a thrill. Now, Alivia is pretty much set for the rest of the year, minus a few little outfits that I might pick up here and there because of the cuteness factor! :)

California Trip!

Ben, Alivia, and I took a trip this past week to California. It was supposed to be a semi-small family reunion, but ended up being our little family and my dad. Unfortunately, the others had to back out for various reasons. It was a bummer that they could not make it to have a low key vacation and to meet our darling girl. Our trip included-
Sunday: -Flew into L.A. and met up with my dad. Alivia's First Airplane Experience...
-Drove to Anaheim and stayed at the Hilton close to Disneyland. We had a Suite and a room attached to the suite, all for free. Thanks to my Uncle Kevin! Sidenote: There was a cheerleading competition at the convention center attached to the Hilton hotel. I have never seen so many cheerleaders in my life. Crazy. It was kind of sad how some of the girls were dressed at such a young age. Ben & decided that we will not let Alivia dress like that or wear makeup at age 3! eek.
- Relaxed and had dinner at a local restaurant!
- Watched Sherlock Homes at the hotel, well Ben & my dad did. I fell asleep during the movie. Monday: -Went to the famous Laguna beach- it was really pretty out.- Enjoyed Gelato for the 1st time at this cute little cafe! AMAZING...
- Walked around a fun outdoor mall and had dinner at P.F. Changes! Fabulous food - Watched Lovely Bones at the hotel. I actually stayed up for this one and it was much different than I thought it would be, but not a bad one. Tuesday: - Disneyland day! Alivia even went on a few rides... She loved all the vibrant colors and the motion of the rides. She enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, "It's a Small World" ride, the Haunted Mansion ride, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride. We also wanted to go on the boat tour, but it was down for renovations. Another time! She would have gone on a few more too, but she was sleeping for quite a while.

Entrance to Disneyland...

Our Little Mickey...Awesome Bear at the "It's A Small World" ride...
Alivia quite upset about us putting sunscreen on her...
Little Babies...
Family Photo...
Mom & Livie...

Grandpa time!

Trying to read the Disneyland map... Dad & Livie...
- We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dessert! My oh My, they have such a huge selection and gigantic size entrees.
- Ben & I had 20 minutes to ourselves, while dad babysat, and we went to the hotel hot tub. Much needed after a long day of walking around at Disneyland.
Wednesday: - We had breakfast at the hotel. - Relaxed and played games, we were still tired from our Disneyland day. - Went to the airport and traveled home.
Alivia content on the plane ride back home...Pretty sky...
It was a fun first trip with our little girly girl! Alivia did pretty well on the airplane and she was such a trooper on both travel days. Although, we could tell she was tired of flying and driving. She sure let us know on our way back from the Denver Airport, but overall she still did a great job for us!
We want to especially thank my Dad for an another awesome vacation! It was so fun to see you in California and take a break from our everyday life!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Life has been busy for us these last few weeks, hence the lack of posts. I'm pretty sure Alivia is partied out for awhile. We have been to 4 parties over the past 2 weekends. Oh my. :) 1. Ben's Grandma, Marie, had her 80th birthday!!! We went to Fargos to celebrate her. What a wonderful lady! 2. Our nephew Joel & niece Janelle celebrated there April birthdays!!! We went to their house to enjoy there combined birthday party. 3. One of my amazing friends, Laura, had her first bridal shower. I am so excited for her upcoming marriage to David in July. She had a Pampered Chef party and got lots of kitchen goodies. 4. My good friend, Kristina, had a baby shower for her 2nd girl, Emily, who is due to enter the world in June! Congrats Kristina and family... I'm glad you were able to get showered with lots of fun little girl items for your baby. Alivia did really well at all of the parties, except the baby shower. I think she was overwhelmed with all of the guests. We ended up leaving early to get away from all of the noise and people. As soon as we stepped outside, she was fine. She sure does love the outdoors. I'll leave you with some adorable pictures of her! :)

It's Bumbo Time!

Alivia loves her bumbo! She likes to sit in it and try to eat it! ha :) Although, almost every time we put her in this little purple seat, she poops . I don't know what it is about it- maybe it is the perfect position for her... Interesting. So we love the bumbo too because it gives us free hands to cook & clean or eat, but we have to be ready for a diaper change at the end of bumbo time!
"What is this purple thing I am sitting in?"
"Looks Good..." "hmmmm?"
"I must eat this"
"oh, I think I love the Bumbo" :)

Easter Day!

We had a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable Easter! It was a great day of remembering what Christ did for us and being grateful that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose on the 3rd day! We are thankful and blessed beyond words to have a God that loves us as much as He does. We spent the afternoon with family and had a Easter egg hunt for the little ones, dinner, and dessert! I really need to work on getting more pictures of other family members besides my little family. As I am looking through my photos- I realize I am lacking in that area. But, we did have such a fun afternoon in the sunny, nice weather enjoying each other's company. I love get-togethers and what better an occasion than this to celebrate!
Alivia found her toes!
Alivia and her Grandma
Alivia and Me
Sleeping Beauty
Having Fun
Family Moment
Sweet Girl
Alivia and her daddy

Happy 3 Months, Darling Alivia!

HAPPY 3 MONTHS TO YOU SWEET DAUGHTER!!! Ahhh our darling Alivia is now 3 months old! Amazing... She is doing so well and getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. In fact, she rolled over from her back to her stomach this past week. The first time, we did not see it, but it happened! I put her on her back on our bed and left the room for a short moment, when Ben went to our room and saw her, he yelled to me in the bathroom (where I was) and said "why did you put Livie on her stomach," in which I replied, "I didn't!" Little sneaky girl. The next time she rolled over, Ben and I were able to witnessed her strength. We had the TV on, but she was looking at us and not the TV, so she turned her head and rolled right on over to get a better look on what was coming from the TV! Oh, do we have a TV head already- we might have to watch out for that... Other enjoyable moments with Alivia and new things include- - She took her first shower! Yes, she loved it. In fact this morning, she was tired and moody, so I took her into the shower with me for about 10 minutes and it calmed her right down! - She has such a beautiful smile and smiles, coos, and squills often. - She now loves her paci one day and then has nothing to do with the next... - Alivia does really well with others watching her, now that we have to use a babysitter/nanny, since Ben is starting work again - She is sitting up pretty well in her bumbo (We put her in there when we cook dinner or eat dinner.) - Livie Loo loves walks outside with Mommy & Daddy