Breech Baby!

Our little gal is not ready to come out into this world yet! She is still breech and our due date is tomorrow... We hope she turns around on her own. My goal is to have a natual labor and delivery and in order for this to happen Baby Spiers needs to turn. Ben and I have been singing the song by Jay Sean "down" - Baby are you down down down down down,Down, down!- We hope you turn soon little one! :)


Our cute cat Sniffels! He is such a blast to have around and ALWAYS keeps us busy! I think in a very small way he has helped in preparing us for parenthood...

17 Days & Counting!

Well, we are getting closer and closer to meeting our darling little girl! We can't wait for her to come! I have had such mixed emotions these past few weeks- anxiousness, excitement, nervousness, happiness... Nonetheless- I feel ready to be a mom & I know Ben is gearing up to be an awesome dad! We thank God for this awesome blessing and opportunity and pray that when delivery time comes, we are both as ready and prepared as we can be!
Our awesome pregnancy photos!
Our little girly will be here soon!