What's Going on in Our Life!

Ben and I got married on August 5, 2007. It is amazing how time flies! It has already been over 2 years since our wedding day, and it's wonderful to experience life with my best friend! We have done so many awesome things together: from the little experiences (date nights, hanging out with friends & family, playing games, watching movies & relaxing, playing with our cat, etc.) to the bigger adventures (getting our cat- Sniffels, traveling to Hawaii, buying a house, pregnancy)!
Our engagement picture!

US at our wonderful wedding!

God has blessed us with a wonderful life, and we sure do try to cherish our lovely moments together! We absolutely love to live in C. Springs; maybe some day we will move elsewhere and experience a different city, but we know we are where God wants us to be right now. We bought our first home in May of this year, and good thing we got into a bigger place because we found out on May 1 that we our having our first baby! We are going to have a little baby girl... And my due date is coming up on January 1st! Pregnancy has been a great experience thus far- I am sure happy that things are going well and that I have had an "easy pregnancy" without much morning sickness, swolleness, etc. We will see how "easy" it gets from here on out though with my last 6-7 weeks! Ben and I are gearing up for parenthood and trying to be as prepared as we can by taking a birthing class and reading books! It is so exciting...

At my Graduation Party!

Our cute cat... Sniffs!
At a friend's house, just hanging out!

At Kevin & Brittney's Wedding Rehearsal!

At Kevin & Brittney's Wedding!

At our 3o week Checkup!

Ben is working towards becoming a Professional Golfer. He just finished Level 1 of the PGA Program this month and has 2 more levels before he can achieve his ultimate goal of being a Class A Professional. He currently works as a 2nd Assistant at the Kissing Camels Golf Course. We are hoping that he gets promoted to 1st Assistant for the upcoming golf season.

My Golfer!

I work as an Administrative Coordinator at Insurance Technologies, but hope to be employed as a stay at home wife and mom in the near future (my dream job)!

Hopeful Stay at home Wife & Mom!